Automated Email Marketing


What is Email?

Email stands for electronic mail, but is usually referred to as e-mail or email. Email is a method of exchanging messages between people using electronic devices. The message may contain text, files, images, or other attachments. It is sent through a network to a specific person or group. There are 2 types of emails, transactional and promotional. Transactional email is a type of email that is triggered by events like signing up to a service. Promotional emails are emails that usually offer incentives like discounts to drive sales and revenue.

What is Behavioural Email? 

Behavioural emails differ from standard emails that they are automated and based on the behaviour of the user. Behavioural emails are usually transactional but they can ben used for promotional purposes as well. These emails are sent when for example a visitor on a e-commerce site looks at a product but doesn’t buy it. This helps increasing engagement with the visitors and drive sales and conversions


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What are the Benefits?

Behavioural email is an outstanding channel to enlarge customer engagement

3x Better Results

Standard emails have an open rate of about 20-25%, with a click-through rate between 2-4% according to smartinsights. Behavioral emails have an average open rate of 47.1%, and a CTR of 8.8% according to smartech.

Save Time

With automated and behavioral emails you can save valuable time. This is because you only have to set the scenario once and then you are done.

Fasten the Buyer's Journey

Behavioural email campaigns offer a wide range of opportunities to engage with prospects and customers at any point in the funnel. If you send them an email at the exact point they think about you or your brand you will convert them quickly.


How to use Automated Email Marketing

Using automated email is quick and easy.



Step 1. Gather Email Addresses 

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Step 2. Define Scenarios 

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Step 3. Create the Messages

webpage email template step 3


The Personalisation of a Behavioural Email


personalisation of email

User’s Name: Places the name of the user in the customisation field 

• Image: Highly customizable for every message or campaign

• Custom URL: This is a button with a call to action like ‘Complete your purchase!’ 

•Product Price: The price of the product will appear here 

•Product Name: The name of the product the user looked at will appear here

•Product Description: This is the description of the product 

Use Cases of Automated Behavioural Emails

Automated emails add value to any kind of marketing strategy. Examples for different industries are shown below:



by sending automated emails to the users who left products in their basket but didn’t complete that purchase. 



by sending emails to the users who searched for a trip, accommodation or tour at a destination but didn’t complete that booking. 



by sending automated emails to the users who haven’t used certain key features.  





by sending emails to the users who searched specific listings but didn’t engage with them.

Media & Blogs


by distributing your newsletter to subscribers through emails.



by sending informative emails to facilitate the decision making process of a service.


Why Automated Emails from Frizbit?


Personalised & Automated Emails Based on User Behaviour

Instead of sending bulk emails manually, you can trigger and hyper-personalise emails based on what your visitors do in every step of their funnel.

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The Marketing Platform from Frizbit

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Craft individualized messages that will convert your users into loyal customers.

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