Cookie Policy

Last updated: January 6th, 2020

This document describes data privacy and GDPR compliance related to browser and how Frizbit uses cookies on the websites of its Customers to measure the user behaviour of their end users and provide engagement on websites of its Customers, and details about the cookies themselves. If you are looking for the privacy statement for a Customer of Frizbit, not for the end users of its Customers, please consult to Privacy Statement page.

The default browser agent configuration does not retain any personal data as defined by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Frizbit has taken steps to enable our Customers who elect to process personal data in our platform to do so in accordance with GDPR and applicable data protection laws. Use the additional information below to help enable your compliance with GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive.

  1. IP Address:

Frizbit briefly collects and leverages the IP address from the end user as part of the data collection process. The IP is captured when a connection is made between the end user’s browser and the Frizbit data collection script. The IP address is included in the web request.

The IP address is used as a lookup value that maps to additional details, allowing Frizbit customers to view and filter IP address lookup values include:

  • countryCode
  • regionCode
  • city

Once the mapping process is complete, Frizbit no longer retains the IP address.

  1. Cookies:

The Frizbit data collection script sets cookies by default. It places 2 cookies, when a visitor lands on the customer site.

Cookie NameExpiration TimeDescription
frzbt.user.aid1 yearAnonymous user id. This cookie is set by Frizbit at the first time a user visits the website of the Customer and isused to recognise users when they visit the website again and track all their behaviour on the Customer website.
frzbt.user.id1 yearUser id. This cookie is set by Frizbit with the existing id of each user which is defined by the Customer. It can be used to match the ids defined by the Customer and defined by Frizbit.


Personal Data through Custom Configuration

The default setup of Frizbit doesn’t require any personal data. However, Frizbit offers its Customers the possibility to capture and segment personal data of their users, if they would like to. The type of personal data is to be sent to Frizbit is decided by Customer and is setup custom.