SMS Marketing



What is SMS?

Sms is an abbreviation of Short Message Service and is the most widely used type of text messaging. With a SMS you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device. If you want to go above the 160 characters, it will break up into multiple messages.

What is MMS? 

MMS is short for Multimedia Messaging Service. MMS messages do not have a standard limit like SMS does. MMS support multimedia messages like pictures but it’s more expensive than SMS and 300 KB is often mentioned as the largest size most carriers will reliably handle.

And then there is Rich SMS

Rich Media Messaging, or Rich SMS is a SMS with multimedia content. It’s basically the next version of SMS providing visual content accessible from your SMS inbox through a shortened unique URL in the SMS.


Main picture SMS page

What are the Benefits?

SMS is a perfect channel to enlarge customer engagement

Phenomenal Open Rates

SMS has a 98% open rate and 45% response rate, with 90% of the messages being read within the first 3 minutes after receiving the SMS. 


Everybody that has a mobile can be reached with SMS. There is no need to download an app or instal a difficult program because every mobile is set to receive SMS’s from the beginning. This makes that that you can reach almost anybody these days because almost everybody has a mobile.



Convenience is a the big reason for customers to use SMS messaging. It’s short and displays the information you need that’s why it’s convenient for both company and customer. 


How to use SMS marketing

Using SMS marketing is quick and easy.


Step 1. Collect the mobile phone numbers 

Screenshot collect phone numbers


 Step 2. Setup Campaigns 

Mapping SMS webpage


 Step 3. Create the messages


Sequence SMS page



The Personalisation of a SMS



Final screenshot SMS personalisation section


• Sender Id: Places the name from the sender in the customisation field

• User Name: Places the name of the user in the customisation field 

• Custom URL: This is a custom URL that you can link to for example the checkout page

•Product Name: The name of the product the user looked at will appear here

•Call to Action: This urges the receiver to do a certain action like complete a purchase 

Use Cases of SMS Marketing

The SMS channels adds value to any kind of marketing strategy. Examples for different industries are shown below:



by sending automated SMS’s to the users who left products in their basket but didn’t complete that purchase. 



by sending SMS’s to the users who searched for a trip, accommodation or tour at a destination but didn’t complete that booking. 



by sending reminder SMS’s to the users who booked an appointment or made a reservation some time before their appointment or reservation is due to get more show ups. For example companies such as dentists, restaurants or sport clubs.


Why use the SMS service from Frizbit?


Personalised & Automated SMS's Based on User Behaviour

You can trigger and hyper-personalise SMS’s based on what your visitors do in every step of their funnel.

Free & Effortless Setup


You can start using Frizbit in just 15 minutes. Moreover via GTM, you don’t have to request anything from your IT!

Maximize Return


Maximize your return through the segmentation and personalisation capabilities from Frizbit

The Marketing Platform from Frizbit

Target by User Behavior

Target the right people based on their user behavior.


Craft individualized messages that will convert your users into loyal customers.

Engage in Multi-Channel

Send your messages at the perfect time, with the most effective channel.

Measure & Optimize

Measure the performance of each campaign and see how much benefit it yields.