Web Push Notifications



What is a Push Notification?

push notification is a type of message that pops up on your screen, even if you are not using any app or browser at that time.
It’s the main channel for mobile apps to engage with their users.
At the beginning of its invention, push notifications were associated with only mobile apps. However, push notifications these days are also available on both desktop and mobile devices through web browsers. 

What is a Web Push Notification? 

The type of push notification which is sent through a web browser is called a web push notification. They can be sent from both mobile and desktop devices. In order to send a web push notification, having a website is sufficient. Your visitors just need to opt-in to the web push notifications from your website. Then you can send a push notification at any time.




A Short History of Web Push Notifications




History Web Push Notifications safari

Safari for Mac andssandroid

 since June 2013, v.7



Short history of Web Push Notifications Opera

Opera for desktop & android

since October 2014, v.44



Short Histort of Web Push Notifications Google Chrome

Google Chrome for desktop & android

since April 2015, v.42



Short History of Web Push Notifications Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox for desktop & android

since January 2016, v.44



Short History of Web Push Notifications Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10+ 

since April 2018



History Web Push Notifications safari

Safari for iOS and android

 Web push notifications for IOS are still in consideration by Apple 

What are the Benefits?

Web push notifications is the unique channel to re-engage web visitors

No Personal Data Required & Retain Anonymous Users

One of the best things about web push notifications is that it absolutely doesn’t require any personal data from the end user unlike email or SMS. With that, web push notifications are GDPR compliant by nature.

Reach Both Mobile & Desktop Users Without Having An App

Via web push notifications you can reach both mobile and desktop users, without having a mobile application.
Web push notifications are supported by almost all major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Microsoft Edge

Most Engaging Retention Channel For Websites

Web push notifications have an average opt-in rate of 2-10% and average CTR of 8.5%. That’s why web push notifications are the most engaging user retention channel for websites when compared to other channels such as email, SMS, and social media.

Web Push Notifications vs. Other Retention Channels

Web Push vs. E-mail

  • – Users opt-in to web push notifications with one click without giving their email or any personal information.
  • – Web push notifications have a x4 higher click rate than emails on average, 8.5% vs 2.4% according to Mailchimp.
  • – Web push notifications have x3 higher opt-in rate than emails according to Sumo.

Web Push vs. SMS

  • – Users opt-in to push notifications with one click and without giving their phone number or any personal infomation.
  • – SMS is quite short and can only include text, while push notifications can have an icon, an image on top of the title and a description.
  • – Service providers charge a unit price per each SMS, which is expensive; while mostly push notifications are unlimited and highly cost-effective.

Web Push vs App Push

  • – App push notifications can only be sent if the user has the app downloaded, while web push notifications can be sent without having an app.
  • – Apps can access geolocation in real-time while browsers can access it only when it is active.
  • – App push notifications only work on only mobile devices while web push notifications work on mobile and desktop devices.

Web Push vs Web Notifications (Pop-Ups)

  • – Web notifications were another name for pop-ups before the invention of web push notifications.
  • – Even though web notifications can be used on both secure and non-secure websites, to receive web notifications users should be on the website.


The Anatomy of an Engaging Push Notification 



The Anatomy of a Web Push Notfication


• Domain: The domain from where the web push notification is sent.

• Icon: Here you can put an eye catching picture.

• Action Button: This is a button with a call to action like ‘Book now!’ 



•Title: This can be the name or a phrase no longer than one line.

•Content: This is the message and can’t be longer than two lines.

•Image: Highly customizable for every message or campaign


How to use Web Push Notifications

Using push notifications on your website is quick and easy.


Step 1. One Click Opt-in

   Opt-In Mobile:desktop


Step 2. Create Notification in Seconds


Web push page-Create a Notification in second


Step 3. Drive Visits in Real-Time

picture steps web push notification


Use Cases of Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications add value to any kind of website. Examples for different industries are shown below:



by sending automated notifications to the users who left products in their basket but didn’t complete that purchase. 



by sending automated notifications to the users who searched for a trip, accommodation or tour at a destination but didn’t complete that booking. 



by sending an automated sequence of notifications to the users who visited a feature page but didn’t sign up. 






by sending notifications to the users who searched specific listings but didn’t engage with them.

Media & Blogs


by distributing your new content to subscribers through manual notifications.



by sending automated notifications to the users who didn’t leave their contact details.


Why Push Notifications from Frizbit?


Personalised & Automated Notifications Based on User Behaviour

Instead of sending bulk notifications manually, you can trigger and hyper-personalise notifications based on what your visitors do in every step of their funnel.

Free & Effortless Setup


You can start using Frizbit in just 15 minutes. Moreover via GTM, you don’t have to request anything from your IT!

Free Trial & Cost Effective


Get a 14-day free trial and see how you can achieve a 10x ROI!


On What Browsers do Web Push Notifications Work?



Desktop Devices

Mac web push page copy

Chrome logoGoogle Chrome for All Desktops

Mozilla logo

Mozilla Firefox for All Desktops

Opera logo

Opera for All Desktops

Microsoft edge logo

 Microsoft Edge for Windows 10+

safari logoSafari for Mac


Mobile Devices 

mobile_tablet changed mask copy

Google Chrome for Android

Mozilla logo

Mozilla Firefox for Android

Opera logo

Opera for Android

Microsoft edge logoMicrosoft Edge for Windows 10+


Q & A


Q – How many of the web visitors can you reach by using web push notifications? 

A – You can reach ~74% of the total number of visitors browsing through the web via web push notifications.

Q – Which major operating systems support web push notifications and which don’t? 

A – Among major operation systems, only iOS doesn’t support web push notifications while it works on MacOS, Windows and Android properly.

Q – Are there browsers that don’t support web push notifications?

A – Among major browsers, only Internet Explorer doesn’t support web push notifications while it works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge properly.

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