Hyper-personalise your communication in cross-channel

Transforming customer interactions on digital channels into more flexible and personal experiences

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Meet the tool

Hyper-personalised messages enhance the customer experience by tailoring to each individual’s preferences based upon user behaviour. This approach helps you to transform your channels into spaces where visitors can experience your brand in a way that reflects their unique preferences, increasing engagement and loyalty.

By leveraging artificial intelligence to gather meaningful insights, you can better understand your customers and build stronger relationships with them.

How does it work?

Through data mining, Frizbit delivers an optimal communication experience for its customers by combining:

  • Visitors’ historical data with their real-time behaviour in a session,
  • Comparing one visitor’s behaviour with other visitors’ journeys.

By leveraging artificial intelligence to gather meaningful insights, you can better understand you can create the most effective automated, individualised communication strategies.

Frizbit enables optimal communication with customers by taking all of the available data points that take individual wants and needs into account

Imagen de Frizbit

Track and target with behavioural patterns

Using hyper-personalisation, you can make it so that certain user behaviours trigger specific messages. These can be sent to the users through the preferred channel at the time of the behaviour or at a specified time after the behaviour.

To prevent your users to opt out of messages, Frizbit allows you to limit the number of messages received by a single user in a certain timeframe. Integrate with the Frequency Cap feature and limit the lifetime of your messages with the Time to Live feature.

Omni-channel 1:1 delivery

Deliver relevant and personalised experiences in a split-second on mobile, web, and apps.

With Frizbit, you can create automated and hyper-personalized campaigns in each of these channels, which will give you the freedom to choose which platform will work best for each message you wish to send.

Selecting the right channel and right message at the right time is one of the key advantages of hyper-personalisation.

For example, if you are sending a detailed progress update, an email would be the best route. But if you are reminding a customer about a sale ending in an hour, a quick text message would be the way to go.

Make data-backed decisions

Knowing the specific time zone, country, city, and even the local area a customer is located in is important when it comes to effective communication.

Taking advantage of this information will make it possible to make data-backed decisions to easily act on ready-to-use high impact segments powered by AI.

Whether your campaigns are launching across languages, devices, channels or geographic locations, you’ll know which are the right settings to drive higher conversion rates.

Start creating more meaningful and engaging customer experiences that will set you apart from your competitors.

Customisable Segmentation

Hyper-personalization enables you to segment users based on their historical data and behavioral patterns. However, segments are only as good as the data upon which they are based.

As a result our hyper-personalisation tools take data mining to the next level by powering segments that are at the core of truly authentic experiences.

Using our data engine, marketers can make data-driven decisions through real-time personalization and segmentation.

Hyper-Personalisation On-site

Creating personalised experiences for each segment of your audience can lead to increased conversion rates and reduced bounce rates.

Frizbit’s approach allows you to tailor key pages, such as the home page, more personalised for different segments.

As a result, you create flexible and personal spaces that dynamically change the content depending on the visitors’ needs.

Frizbit’s tool also allows you to determine which version of your website performs best by testing and measuring the variations.

Customisable Channels Content

Compose individualised, appealing messages with dynamic parameters in both your text used and images displayed. Inviting and individualised language that makes use of the data points listed below will make your customers feel that they are valued, increasing re-engagement.

  • Product Data: Products or services previously engaged with their names, categories, images, prices, etc.
  • Purchase History of the User: Total amount spent, frequency of purchase, basket size, basket value, categories of products.
  • Time of Engagement: Last time of visit, last time of taking an action, how many specific actions they took in a certain period of time, how often they visit, registration date
  • Device Data: Device model, brand, operating system, version, browser used
  • Browsing History: Web pages visited, terms searched, filters and sorting selected, time spent and actions taken on the website.

Higher engagement rates

They also have higher engagement rates than other forms of communication, making them an effective way to reach customers. Additionally, push notifications can be used to increase website traffic and conversions with an opt-in of at least 16% in Spain and 18% in the U.S.A

Imagen de FrizbitImagen de FrizbitImagen de Frizbit