Target users, personalize messages, engage optimally, and measure your growth with Frizbit’s automated marketing campaigns.

Target by User Behavior

Target the right people based on their user behavior.


Craft individualized messages that will convert your users into loyal customers.

Engage in Multi-Channel

Send your messages at the perfect time, with the most effective channel.

Measure & Optimize

Measure the performance of each campaign and see how much benefit it yields.

Use Cases for E-Commerce

Cart Abandonment

Add to Cart → Complete Purchase

Remind users to complete purchasing items they have added to their cart [X hours] after user abandons the cart. 

“Jane, there are only a few more pairs of red high heels left in your size. Complete your order!”



Product Retargeting

Product View → Add to Cart 

If a user views a product page more than [3] times, but does not make a purchase, suggest that they buy a product within the category of interest!

“Joe, still interested in the Versace Cologne? Better hurry–we’re running out!”


Category Retargeting

Product View  → Add to Basket

If a user views a product more than [3] times in a certain product category and does not add a product to their basket, suggest a similar product within that category after [20 seconds]. 

“Linda, still looking to buy a coat? Our faux fur collection would be the perfect fit.”



User Retention

Visit Site → Re-engage with Site

If it has been over a month, or another chosen time interval, since a customer’s last visit, then send him or her a message urging them to revisit! 

“We’ve missed you Rob! Come back to check out our latest technology products.”


Recurrent Purchases

Product Purchase  → Product Purchase After Time Period 

Remind your customers to make another purchase when it comes to products or services that run out and require periodic refills. 

“Lea, it’s about time to refill your diaper stock. Head on over to Happy Baby to keep you baby happy!”



Product Purchase → Combination Product Purchase

If a user makes a purchase and there is a combination product, then send them a message recommending the product that goes along with their purchase after [1 week].

“Did you like your necklace, Ali? It would look even better with these matching earrings!”




Cart Abandonment Notification → Purchase ✘ & Remove from Basket

If a user receives a cart abandonment notification for a product and does not complete their purchase, but also does not remove the product from their basket, suggest a product that might be of greater interest after [2 days].

“Still unsure what to buy, Jim? We think you would like these leather boat shoes!”



Seasonal Campaigns

(Manually Send) 

If there is a new collection or campaign available within your company, notify your users to draw them towards your exciting, timely additions.

“Izzy, be the first to check out our new summer scents!”


Welcome Campaign

User Opt-in  

If the user opts in to receiving notifications on one or more platforms, send a welcoming message, letting him or her know how happy you are to have them on board!

“Welcome aboard, Jess! You’ll be the first to hear of exclusive deals here!”


Review Reminder

Purchase Completed → Review of Purchase

If a customer made a purchase and it has been [a week] since that purchase, encourage further engagement by suggesting that the user writes a review about their experience. 

“Mia, how did you find your experience? Let us know so we can improve our services!”


App Download

Mobile Session on Website  

If the user accesses your website on a mobile device, suggest that the user downloads your business’s app for easier mobile access after [1 hour].

“Pat, check out our app in the App Store for more convenient access!”




What our Happy E-commerce Customers are Saying

Find out why our customers keep using Frizbit

“As the leading e-commerce company specialising in furniture in Turkey, we always aim to show the most relevant content and offers to our visitors. Segmentation and the smart targeting features of Frizbit are helping us to increase our conversions. They also provide us with the best practices of web push notifications.”

Engin GÖNDIKENVP of Marketing & Sales, Vivense.com

…We became able to provide personalised engagement experiences to our users in a channel that we never thought of.
After the first month of trying their behavioural automation campaigns on push notification channel, we got impressive results in RoI, CPC and Conversion metrics. We are looking forward to using other channels and features of Frizbit.

Javier FalcoCo-Founder & COO, Micuento.com