Best 5 Braze Alternatives and Comparisons in 2024

Best 5 Braze alternatives in 2024 | main features, pricing and target market
Best 5 braze alternatives in 2024 (main features, pricing, target market)

Are you researching for a customer engagement platform Braze alternative? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we will explore the main features, pricing, and target markets of the top competitors. 

Braze enables brands to build customisable relationships with their customers through various communication channels and features. However, with the market becoming increasingly competitive, several alternatives to Braze might suit better your business needs

We’ll provide detailed insights, pricing information, and more to help you find the best customer engagement platform alternatives to Braze.

What is Braze?

Best Braze alternatives and comparisons

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Before starting with the customer engagement platform Braze alternatives, here is a quick overview of Braze’s main characteristics and products.

Braze is a customer engagement platform that unifies customers with real-time data and delivers customised messaging within different communication channels, offering a suite of tools to create different marketing campaigns. 

Braze main products

Braze offers a range of messaging channels to facilitate customer communication across various touchpoints. These include customised Emails, Web and Mobile Push notifications, SMS, MMS and WhatsApp campaigns, and In-App messaging.

This platform also has additional features like Braze Canva, which includes analytics and insights. Additionally, it also offers journey orchestrations to improve customer experience, and Sage AI to personalise content and automate tasks.

Braze pricing

Braze usually tailors its pricing to match the needs and scale of each client, they implement a user-based pricing model, so the price depends on the number of active users engaging with the platform each month. 

Price can also be influenced depending on the features and services hired, the messages volume, supporting level of services provided by the platform, as well as the extensive use of integrations and APIs, all of these can contribute to a high overall costs.

So, is Braze the Ideal Customer Engagement Platform for your Business?

Best Braze alternatives and comparisons

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Braze is best suited to companies in the industry of financial services, media entertainment, travel & hospitality, and retail. Moreover, eCommerce is also on their target market list.  

While Braze can offer capabilities to enhance customer experience through different industries it might not be the best fit for every business.

Braze offers several features and customisation options, that can include third-party integrations and can be managed with APIs

However, this can be overwhelming, especially for teams with no technical support. Implementing and fully using the platform requires a significant time investment in learning and training
If your team lacks the necessary expertise or resources to manage a complex system, a more user-friendly alternative might be a better choice.

Reasons why clients consider looking for Braze alternatives:

  • It’s not possible to build a dashboard within Braze
  • Campaign builder can generate conflicting versions when working and editing on the same campaign
  • Hard learning curve
  • Difficulty and slowness when running reportings within the system
  • Analytics insights are too simple
  • UI,UX screens are a bit crowded, might get overwhelming

These are some reviews and opinions from different companies that have worked with Braze, according to Trustradius.

Best Braze alternatives and comparisons

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While certain digital marketers may have the capability to create and use such platforms, not all individuals can effectively adapt to a tool that is complex and challenging.

For example, small businesses may struggle with the initial setup and ongoing management of these integrations, which can turn into a less effective marketing campaign.

Thankfully, we reside in a time of innovation where customer engagement platforms are constantly evolving. This provides you with the flexibility to choose among all the different Braze alternatives, and pick the most aligned option for your company’s requirements and preferences.

Best 5 Braze Alternatives in 2024 Comparison Table

After taking a brief look at Braze, here is a comparison of some of the best Braze alternatives and competitors to consider.

Best Braze Alternatives - comparison table

Now, let’s gain a deeper understanding of each platform by exploring their main features, pricing methods, and target markets.

1. Frizbit

Frizbit - Braze alternatives

Source: Frizbit

Main features

Frizbit is a complete cross-channel marketing automation platform retargeting platform to bring customers back, and emerges as one of the strongest Braze alternatives. Its platform stands out for the hyper-personalised and marketing automation features such as: SMS, email campaigns, Web Push notifications, or WhatsApp

These set of features are designed specifically for eCommerce businesses, giving also sub-features like analytics tools and A/B Testing.

Addionally, the cross-channel marketing automation platform leverages dynamic fields driven by artificial intelligence which streamlines the creation of highly personalised experiences, complemented with full-funnel retargeting aimed at facilitating a unified and tailored customer journey for all users.

Some supporting tasks Frizbit offers as well are on-site and off-site product recommendaiton, upselling, or cart abandonment recovery.

Thanks to its intuitive interface with seamless integration capabilities for users, it is easier for digital marketers to make segmentation and campaigns without needing help from a technical team. 

Additionally, the platform offers customer team support with flexible solutions, making it easy to adapt to arising challenges, product launches and on-going seasonal marketing campaigns.


Frizbit has a flexible user-based pricing model per month that ensures higher ROI in the long term compared to other models like subscriber-based. Frizbit also offers a free demo for all businesses interested in knowing more

When it comes to web push notifications, Frizbit’s outstanding hyper-personalization and bulk notification features greatly enhance user interactions. This leads to more decisive actions and ultimately boosts your revenue.

Target market

Frizbit is strategically tailored to empower eCommerce businesses, offering digital marketing professionals the tools to optimise strategies and foster growth without reliance on development resources.

2. Klaviyo

Klaviyo best Braze alternatives

Source: Klaviyo

Main features

Klaviyo, one of the Braze alternatives, provides a suite of communication channels, including Email and SMS marketing. The platform also offers robust analytical and reporting tools for performance tracking. Clients benefit from segmentation and targeting capabilities, along with dynamic content personalisation to enhance customer engagement.


Klaviyo offers three subscription plans: Email+SMS, Email only, and SMS only. Pricing is based on the number of contacts in your database. A free plan is available for up to 250 contacts, with paid plans starting at approximately $20 per month, scaling upward based on the number of subscribers and selected features.

However, businesses with limited contact databases may end up overpaying for higher-tier plans due to occasional spikes in contacts. Additionally, as companies grow and their contact lists expand, pricing may escalate rapidly, putting strain on smaller companies or startups with limited budgets, particularly during periods of rapid growth.

Target market

Klaviyo is an ideal platform for eCommerce businesses and other industries prioritising direct customer relationships. With scalable solutions and seamless integration with eCommerce platforms, it enables personalised marketing strategies that drive engagement and conversion rates.

3. CleverTap

CleverTap Best Braze Alternatives

Source: CleverTap

Main features

CleverTap provides a set of communication channels tailored for businesses including push notifications, email automation, WhatsApp, SMS and in-app or web messaging. Additionally they offer data analytic tools to measure campaigns and for segmentation.

Moreover, Clever.AI allows to track customer behaviour and deliver personalised campaigns and automate the workflow, helping to predict outcomes to improve decision-making.  


CleverTap presents a customised based on specific need pricing model, taking into account also the extra costs associated with the features hired and with other integrations. They also offer a Monthly Active Users (MAUs) pack for businesses with up to 5.000 active users and up to 20.000 users, for $75 and $250 respectively. 

Nonetheless, the lack of transparent pricing makes it hard for businesses to quickly assess costs and compare with other platforms. Smaller companies might find custom quotes intimidating or inaccessible without detailed discussions. And could potentially lead to high expenses when escalating and growing the number of features and users. 

Target market

CleverTap is designed specially for eCommerce businesses, as well as companies in the financial services industry. 

The platform is suitable for both small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprises due to its scalability and customisable features.

4. Airship

Airship best Braze alternatives

Source: Airship

Main features

Airship is an App experience platform that provides several user engagement features, such as push notifications, in-app messaging, and SMS and email campaigns.

Also, Airship offers a set of analytics and reporting tools to monitor real-time data and predict outcomes as well. They also offer A/B Testing to experiment with different campaign variations.


Airship offers a custom-based pricing model that considers the number of active users and the range and depth of features used. They provide tailored plans for both small startups and medium to large enterprises. 

However, the lack of transparent pricing can be challenging for budget-conscious businesses, and costs can escalate significantly as user numbers and feature usage increase.

Target market

Airship primarily targets mobile apps across various sectors, including retail, airlines, media, sports, finance, and telecom. They offer different plans tailored to the size of the business to enhance customer experience.

5. Iterable

Iterable Best Braze alternatives

Source: Iterable

Main features

Iterable is another one of the available Braze alternatives. It provides a comprehensive multi-channel marketing solution, integrating campaigns seamlessly across email, SMS, and push notifications. The platform has robust segmentation tools for precise targeting and offers extensive analytical and reporting capabilities to evaluate performance effectively. 

Leveraging Iterable’s AI, businesses can personalised content dynamically, while the automation studio facilitates the creation of automated marketing journeys through its intuitive visual workflow builder.


Iterable adopts a tailored pricing model, taking into account the size and specific requirements of each business. Additionally, the volume of messages sent influences costs, with additional charges applied accordingly.

While the pricing model may initially fit the needs of smaller businesses, scalability could become an issue as companies grow and their messaging volume increases. Additional charges based on message volume may lead to unexpectedly high costs for rapidly expanding businesses.

Target market

Iterable primarily caters to mid-sized to large enterprises across diverse sectors, including eCommerce, media, travel, and financial services. With these features and scalability, Iterable is well-suited for businesses seeking to optimise their marketing efforts and drive engagement across multiple channels.

Frequently Asked Questions – Braze Alternatives (FAQs)

What is Braze used for?

Braze is a powerful platform used by businesses to drive customer engagement through personalised messaging campaigns across various channels like email, push notifications, and SMS. It empowers companies to tailor messages based on user behaviour and preferences, enhancing customer relationships and loyalty. With their analytics and segmentation tools, Braze enables businesses to measure campaign effectiveness and refine strategies for maximum impact. 

What is better than Braze?

Frizbit, Klaviyo, Clevertap, Airship and Iterable are some of the best Braze alternatives.

Is Braze a CRM?

Braze is not a traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. While CRM systems focus primarily on managing customer interactions and data, Braze specialises in customer engagement and marketing automation. It enables businesses to create and deliver personalised messaging campaigns across multiple channels to enhance customer relationships and drive engagement. However, Braze can integrate with CRM systems to leverage customer data and enhance its targeting and personalization capabilities.

Is Braze like hubSpot?

Braze and HubSpot serve distinct purposes in marketing. Braze focuses on customer engagement through personalised messaging across channels like email and push notifications. In contrast, HubSpot offers a suite of tools for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service, including CRM functionality. While both aim to enhance marketing efforts, Braze specialises in engagement, while HubSpot provides a broader range of marketing and sales tools.

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