How Head Chile reached 20,8x ROI through hyper-personalised journeys of Web Push notifications and SMS messages

Case Study Head Chile

How Head Chile reached 20,8x ROI through hyper-personalised journeys of Web Push notifications and SMS messages

6 March 2024

Increase in sessions
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Head Chile, established in 1983 in Viña del Mar, has consolidated its position as a leading national luggage brand. Specialising in the retail sale of suitcases and various types of bags made from eco-friendly materials, the company has positioned itself as a leading player in the industry. Head Chile has built a significant presence both online and offline, evidenced by its roughly 200.000 monthly website visitors and more than 60 physical stores throughout Chile.

In a clever move to enhance its customer engagement, Head Chile partnered with Frizbit to implement a cross-channel customer engagement platform. This collaboration showed remarkable results, including a 20,8x Return On Investment.

By leveraging web push notifications and SMS notifications, Head Chile offers its users the flexibility to connect with the brand through their preferred channels. This innovative approach has led to a 1,78% increase in sessions, achieved at an impressively low cost per session of just $0,01.



Despite Head Chile had established a digital presence via conventional channels like email and social media, it was searching for an innovative approach that would propel its expansion and strengthen its connection with customers. Head Chile needed a tool that would not only support their current tactics but also provide a distinctive and effective way to enhance communication and customer engagement. In this case, finding a solution that aligned with their objectives and surpassed the limitations of conventional marketing methods.

It was clear that Head Chile needed to implement a new tool that could give their marketing operations a fresh perspective, improve audience interaction, and eventually drive corporate expansion and client loyalty.


Setup of Personalised Campaigns

Frizbit has meticulously developed a series of web push notification campaign templates, tailor-made to align perfectly with Head Chile’s brand identity and communication style throughout every stage of the customer journey. Because these custom templates are created within our user-friendly dashboard, they offer a smooth, accurate, and ready-to-use solution. Frizbit guarantees that Head Chile can easily preserve its unique brand voice while optimising interaction and connection with its audience.


Web Push Notifications Case Study

Native Opt-In

Native Opt-In is a marketing approach that Head Chile has successfully adopted, being the only retargeting channel that doesn’t require third-party cookies or personal data. The implementation of Native Opt-In represents an important shift in digital marketing tactics because it captures the attention of both unregistered visitors and registered users who have previously browsed the website. Head Chile successfully gathered 8.442 subscribers in October alone, building a strong database for online web push notifications.

Native Opt-In Marketing Automation Example

Manual and Automated Web Push Notifications

Head Chile effectively harnessed the potential of web push notifications, utilising both automatic and manual techniques to greatly improve their marketing outputs. Manual web push notifications have become a key asset, helping the company to quickly communicate its latest promotions, discounts, and offers to their target audience. This approach has led to an impressive delivery of 781.967 time-based web push notifications and a 0,91% click-through rate, resulting in an increase in sales and the user retention.

On the other side, automated web push notifications have proven to be highly effective in reclaiming lost sales and converting non-registered visitors into clients at various stages of the sales funnel. This hyper-personalised technique achieved through notification templates designed with dynamic parameters has resulted in a 2,82% click-through rate and a 1,59% conversion rate for automated web push notifications.


case study marketing automation web push notifications

Triggered SMS Notifications

Head Chile has achieved a remarkable milestone with the adoption of SMS Triggered Notifications, which has allowed the brand to improve its customer interaction approach to a cross-channel level. This has been key in recovering abandoned carts sales and increasing revenues. These notifications, which are known for being concise, easy to access, and highly personalised, are tailored based on the unique behaviours of each user, guaranteeing an optimal user experience.

This approach has attracted 55.470 subscribers in the last 27 months, demonstrating its popularity and reach. In addition, Head Chile’s marketing team can take pride in the fact that SMS alerts have a noteworthy click-through rate of 13,17%, demonstrating the efficiency of this communication channel.


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What’s next

Triggered WhatsApp Notifications

Head Chile plans to use WhatsApp as an extra communication channel in an effort to recover lost sales by utilising location and behaviour data. In WhatsApp, they will be able to add visual content and lengthy URLs to their messaging on this communication channel, which will enhance customer engagement and boost sales. The integration of this platform into their communication reflects a progressive approach to consumer engagement, considering the platform’s daily prominence in people’s lives.

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Alberto Romero Arrau
E-Commerce Manager

“To start with, the results we have had with Frizbit have been very positive. We also appreciate that its channels work without necessarily cannibalising other sales channels, so it’s a good complement that adds up.

The platform stands out for its accuracy, ease of use and automation, which not only saves us time, but also makes it much easier to manage, with no need to hire a specialist.

Finally, the approachability of the Frizbit team has been a significant differentiator. We appreciate the direct contact with the people behind the platform, which gives us a level of trust and personalised attention that makes everything easier”.