Firefox Push Notifications



 Frizbit supports Push Notifications also for Mozilla Firefox!  

      Firefox is the second most used browser in the world on desktops with %12 marketshare .

Then why lose customers on Firefox? 


          Mozilla Firefox gives us the opportunity to use push notifications. Whether they are using MacOS, Android or Windows, you can send Firefox push notifications even when the visitors are not on your website! Just to keep in mind;

  • Firefox push notifications only work on SSL sites (HTTPS)
  • iOS devices can’t receive Firefox push notifications as well as from other browsers.

         Firefox push notifications are easy to use and doesn’t have a remarkable change between operating systems.


Here are some things that can be done on Firefox push notifications with Frizbit;


Personalize your push notifications

You don’t have to send the same notification to everyone. Personalize your Firefox push notifications with Frizbit; optimize them according to visitors’ interests. Send notifications how they like it, using their name.

Use notify box

You can send notify box to visitors with your brief sentence about why they should allow your Firefox push notifications. This pop-up will increase the allowance rate on native op-in box.

Schedule the time of your notifications

Schedule your Firefox push notifications. Send them notifications on specific days or within specific time periods.



How to use Firefox push notifications?

There are 3 easy steps to use Firefox push notifications;

1. Send native opt-in box to your visitors;

Ask your visitors’ permission to send them Firefox push notifications in the future. This is what they will see;


If they click ”Not Now”, you can ask again another time but they can also click “∨” and choose to never allow notifications.


2. Create your push notification;

Create your notification sentence and add an image. They will see the Firefox logo on the left side of the notification. You can also create personalized notifications and use dynamic fields with Frizbit. Dynamic fields are the improved version of personalized notifications.


When the cursor comes onto notification, they will see two options;


If they click ”Close”, you can still send notifications but if they click  “…”  they can choose to disable notifications.

This is how a Firefox push notification would look on Android devices;



3. Send them anytime!

Send Firefox push notifications any time you want. You can decide for a specific time period.

You can also check how push notifications affect your visitor metrics on Frizbit’s dashboard.


History of Firefox push notifications



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