Event : “Cookieless” – Strategies for CMOs & eCommerce Managers

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After 2 years of covid-break, we are back to the physical meetups of Growth Marketing Barcelona next tuesday, 10th of May with the hottest topic of this year in digital marketing world: “Cookieless”?

As many of you know, third-party cookies will disappear in 2023, so new retargeting strategies will have to be developed.

This event will be moderated by Sheila Caparrós from Jevnet, with Ata Gür from Frizbit and Oriol Cortejà from Jevnet as panelists.

They will explain the impact of the new era of digital marketing called “cookieless” which will start to rule from 2023 and which is presented as a challenge in the e-commerce sector where cookies will still be used.

The speakers will explain the challenges, alternatives and tactics that e-commerce companies will have to explore in their digital marketing strategies.

The first one will present the challenges and impact of the new “cookie-free” era for the e-commerce and digital marketing sector. The aim is to provide participants with concepts and ideas for integrating new strategies into their digital business and to conclude by answering questions from the audience.

?The physical event will be held in Spanish at Aticco Verdaguer, Barcelona. But there will be also live streaming available.?

⏰ There are limited seats, so hurry up to register your seat for free on this link! ?



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