How reached a 32,5x* ROI implementing cart abandonment emails and push notifications

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How reached a 32,5x* ROI implementing cart abandonment emails and push notifications

14 February 2024

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About has emerged as a dominant force in the Chilean liquor market, leveraging its extensive network of over 60 stores and a robust online platform that attracts 260,000 monthly visitors.

Through a strategic partnership with Frizbit, has implemented web push notifications and cart abandonment emails, achieving remarkable results.

This innovative approach helped the company achieve 70.439 subscribers in web push and 56.929 in their email database, generating an overall opt-in rate of 5,85%.

Partnering with Frizbit not only expanded their customer base but also secured a significant 32,5x ROI with an impressive cost per sale of $1,42 underscoring their commitment to growth and customer satisfaction.


The challenge for revolved around enhancing its approach to reclaim lost sales online, including cart abandonment. While the company enjoyed a robust online presence, its manual approach for recapturing sales limited their user reach, failing to fully engage a broad spectrum of potential customers.

Recognising the untapped potential in automating and refining this process, was on the hunt for an innovative solution.

This tool needed to not only automate the recovery of abandoned carts but also do so with precision and timeliness, aiming to significantly uplift conversion rates and maximise its overall impact within the digital marketplace.

This marketing shift was imperative for to transform missed opportunities into successful transactions, thereby strengthening its online presence and fostering deeper connections with its audience.


Personalised Campaign Setup

Frizbit created purchasing scenarios tailored to the customer journey and included brand-aligned messaging from the start. By using this systematic tool, could implement timely and personalised notifications.

This foundation made it possible to retain brand consistency throughout the user experience and facilitate smooth web push notification interactions. The Frizbit platform was used to skilfully coordinate campaigns, demonstrating the accuracy and efficiency of the system.

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Manual and Automated Web Push Notifications

The implementation of web push notifications, both manual and automated from Frizbit, allowed to successfully regain sales by gently prompting users about products they previously engaged with.

Manual notifications were utilised to expand its reach, particularly during promotional days, holidays, and flash promotions, delivering over 424.442 Web Push Notifications through time-based campaigns from July to December 2023. On the other hand, Automated web push notifications contributed to’s sales recovery, accounting for 55% of sales through this channel.

This method enables retargeting users across the funnel, effectively turning casual visitors into customers and optimizing the conversion process. showed a 2,28% Conversion Rate and a 3,45% CTR of automated notifications, proving they achieved to effectively maintain audience engagement and enhance its conversion rates.

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Email Marketing to recover abandoned carts focused on recovering revenues from registered customers during its second strategy phase by using a customised email sequence that targeted cart abandonment.

This solution demonstrated the effectiveness of the sequence in improving the purchasing journey by significantly increasing re-engagement and sales recovery among its target demographic.

These emails showed a 15,88% Conversion Rate and a 7,97% CTR, which improved customer service considerably.

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What’s next

Expand the abandonment cart flow aims to improve its solution for cart abandonment by incorporating a second step that concentrates on providing reminders for products and extra incentives to promote sales, with the ultimate goal of raising conversion rates.

Local pop-up for lead captures

In an effort to increase user engagement and grow its customer database, the company intends to launch a pop-up mechanism to gather email addresses from unregistered users.

Web-hooks to synchronise data between Frizbit and their CRM will use web-hooks to support its digital tools and guarantee smooth data interchange between Frizbit and its CRM system. This will improve the effectiveness and precision of customer data management and assist the business’s general CRM and digital marketing initiatives.

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Ignacio Domínguez H.
Customer Manager

“Working with Frizbit, we highlight the easing use and integration of the product in our operation, as the platform is intuitive and has allowed us to take advantage of it with autonomy from our part.

In addition, we value the good customer service, where we always find someone willing to help in any situation.

Finally, both channels, web push and email, have proven to be effective, generating positive results for our business, and we are really happy with the results in our marketing strategy”.