Latest Digital Marketing Updates and News 2024

Welcome to the February edition of the digital marketing updates & news! Febuary marked a month for Google with different rollouts and clarifications. Additionally, it has also been a relevant month for us at Frizbit as we have introduced our AI-driven Product recommendations at the MWC Barcelona.

Among the most outstanding news we have:

Search Marketing: Google takes protagonism this month with multiple launches. Firstly, its new AI assistant platform “Gemini”, aimed to be used by companies. Moreover, using it to enhance the performance of its “Performance Max Ads” . Lastly, its new series on YouTube called “How Search Works” allows users to learn more about Search Engines. 

Martech field: LinkedIn has shared a guide on how to adapt to data privacy changes. Make sure to read both in order to stay on top of your marketing efforts. On the other hand, Notion has launched “Notion calendar” , an all-in-one platform experience for time management. 

Social Media Landscape:  LinkedIn is saying goodbye to its creator mode. Meanwhile, TikTok has shared a guide on how to increase performance in the app.

Ready to dig deeper into these updates? Our blog article has all the insights waiting for you.

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Search Marketing Updates

1.   Google new serie “How search works”

Google new serie “How search works”

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Starting this month’s digital marketing updates, Google has introduced a new series called How Search Workson its YouTube channel called Google Search Central, presented by Gary Illyes, engineer at Google Search. The mini serie counts with 5 episodes that delve into explaining how search works.

“We created this series to help you, your friends, family, business partners, and anyone, really, increase the visibility of your sites,”

What will it cover?

  • Crawling: exploration and finding URL’s
  • Indexing: understanding of what the page is about and correlation with other pages 
  • Serving: how results get ranked
  • Anatomy of a search result: tips on what can be added to your page to increase visibility 

Is it really new?

Not really, the company already has an existing series called “Search for Beginners” which is also on the same YouTube Channel. However, we are hoping they are planning on sharing new insights

2. Google launches “Gemini Business” & “Gemini Enterprise”

Google launches “Gemini Business” & “Gemini Enterprise”

Digital marketing updates | Source: Google Workspace 

Google has joined the club of AI assistants by launching its own AI platform assistant called “Gemini”.  This new platform is focused for businesses of all sizes, allowing its users to work in a safe space, Gemini provides responses, takes notes and more. 

What makes it different? Google claims this model is not used to improve AI, therefore, any conversation is safely secured and not shared. 

Gemini Business 

This is the first plan offered, with a cost of $20 a month. Within its features there are: chat experience, where users can use the AI assistant how they need it in a professional setting. For example, for research, editing, customer service assistant, a creative partner, and more.

Gemini Enterprise 

This is the second plan offered, with a cost of $30  a month. Its features are like the ones explained before, adding translation capabilities in 100+ languages and taking meeting notes for you. 

All in all

We are starting to have more and more options when it comes to AI assistant platforms, choose one that meets the needs of your company and ensures a safe user experience.

3.  Google’s algorithm on Search Snippets

Digital marketing updates | Source: Deposit

Google is enhancing its Performance Max Ads with the introduction of Gemini. The latest AI assistant by Google, aiming to further streamline the ad management process, enabling advertisers to achieve superior results by harnessing the power of machine learning for smarter, more effective ad placements. 

What is Performance Max Ads?  

It’s a type of advertising campaign designed to help advertisers reach their conversion goals across all of Google’s channels from a single campaign. Optimizing ad performance in real-time, aiming to deliver the best results possible by automatically finding and targeting the most relevant audiences across Google’s entire suite of advertising platforms. 

What will this entail? 

As we already know, AI tech allows us to have a more streamlined process that is simplified. However, we keep the same recommendation we have been giving for over a year now. 

Make sure that your content remains relevant and unique. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of infusing your AI-enhanced content strategies with originality and a personal touch to maintain a competitive advantage and captivate your audience.

Martech Updates

1. Data Privacy Guide by LinkedIn

Data Privacy Guide by LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has shared a Data Privacy guide to maximize performance. This guide becomes very handy as it is based on current data privacy changes like third-party cookies. Making it a useful tool for companies that want to adjust to the changes seamlessly. 

What does it cover? 

The guide goes through 5 different aspects, outlined in the image below. Providing facts on why is it relevant and tips in order to be able to apply these points. As well as case studies and more valuable insights. 

All in all

This guide equips companies with the knowledge and tools needed to adapt to the data privacy changes, ensuring a seamless transition and continued success in this new era.

2.   Notion Calendar rolls out an all-in-one platform experience

Notion Calendar Preview

Digital marketing updates | Source: Notion

Notion has announced the launch of Notion Calendar, formerly known as Cron. This innovative feature aims to bridge the gap between work schedules and personal life, ensuring users can efficiently manage their time without the hassle of juggling multiple platforms.

Seamless Integration

Unlike traditional calendars, which often operate in isolation, Notion Calendar is deeply integrated with the Notion ecosystem. This integration allows users to connect project timelines, meeting notes and task deadlines directly within their calendar.

Unified Solution 

Notion Calendar introduces a unified view that consolidates all commitments in one place. Whether it’s a crucial business meeting or a personal doctor’s appointment, users can now see their entire day’s schedule, eliminating the risk of double-bookings and missed deadlines. 

Its auto-blocking feature ensures that time slots are automatically reserved across both work and personal calendars, enhancing availability management and scheduling efficiency.

Moreover, It enables users to access their schedule and join virtual meetings directly from their computer’s menu bar, reducing the need for constant app switching.

All in all

For those looking to improve their time management practices, Notion Calendar will be there to help, now available and free for all users. 

Social Media Updates

1.  LinkedIn’s Creator Mode goes away

Digital marketing updates | Source: Deposit

If you are a LinkedIn user that makes use of the “Content creator mode” then we have some bad news for you. LinkedIn has decided to remove this setting in an attempt to remove hashtags from their platform. 

What is Content creator mode? 

In 2021, LinkedIn launched a new setting where users could easily associate topical hashtags in their profile, in an attempt to give them the opportunity to easily showcase what topics they talk about in their account. 

Will this be the beginning of the end for this feature? 

That is where we have good news for you, actually LinkedIn shared their vision for it: 

“We’re eager to bring the best of Creator Mode to more LinkedIn’s members. In the coming months we’ll be opening up additional creation tool access and deeper analytics to all members, investing in the tools we’ve heard work best for sharing, and building an audience, and removing the need to toggle creator mode on and off. For members who previously turned on Creator Mode, they will continue to have access to our suite of creation tools and deeper analytics. With the removal of the Creator Mode toggle, we’ll also be streamlining the look and feel of the profile by removing the “Talks About” hashtags and moving the “About” Section back to the top of the profile.”

To conclude

LinkedIn went on to explain that hashtags are simply not necessary anymore in the platform as new tools like AI, are now in place to highlight important content. Therefore, you should consider reviewing your LinkedIn profile.

2.  TikTok insights on how to boost performance in App

TikTok Boost Performance Guide

Digital marketing updates | Source: Deposit

TikTok has shared a guide with insights on how to increase performance inside the app. Moreover, the guide shares some tips and insights that can become very handy. 

What does it cover?

The guide is based on three strategies 

  • Strategy 1: Drive demand and reach new customers 
  • Strategy 2: Re-engage by using a full funnel approach 
  • Strategy 3: Start early during peak seasons and use a full funnel approach 

Digital marketing updates | Source: TikTok

Take into consideration

While the report has some interesting insights, it is based on data from the Middle East and North African regions. Therefore, if you want to apply some of these findings, make sure they align with your goals and customer targets. 

About Frizbit

1. Frizbit attends the MWC 2024 and introduces AI driven Product Recommendations

Source: Frizbit

Frizbit had the pleasure of participating in the MWC 2024 conference, held in the vibrant city of Barcelona. This event offered our team an incredible opportunity to immerse in the world of technology, sharing our insights and expertise, while also seeing the latest advancements in tech and AI. 

Source: Frizbit 

Moreover, our CEO & Co-founder Ata Gur, had the opportunity to give a speech on “How to use AI and Hyper-personalization in ecommerce”   giving him the opportunity to announce the launch of our latest product, “AI-Driven Product Recommendations.” This new offering enables our clients to leverage artificial intelligence to deliver personalized product suggestions to their customers. Achieving a  revenue increase of between 7-15%, AOV boost of > 20%, and a ROI of > 20x.

Missed our live session on “How to use AI & Hyper-personalisation in eCommerce”?

If so, here’s a glimpse of what was discussed:

  • Real-life insights into recommended systems for eCommerce
  • Strategies to maximize each eCommerce webpage for a comprehensive purchase experience
  • Our solution’s impact: a revenue increase of 7-15%, AOV boost of > 20%, and an ROI of > 20x

Dive into the complete session and unlock valuable eCommerce insights here

2.  Frizbit team welcomes new members

Welcome to New Frizbit Team Members

Frizbit is dedicated to fostering growth and in line with this commitment, we are delighted to announce the addition of two new members to our Barcelona team: Ivanna and Monica.

Ivanna, joining us from Northeastern University, has taken on the role of Sales and Marketing Intern. Meanwhile, Monica, a student at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has started her journey with us as a Content Marketing Intern.

We are excited about the unique perspectives and contributions Ivanna and Monica will bring to Frizbit, and we look forward to the innovative and dynamic ways in which their involvement will propel our growth.

3.  Launch of Frizbit’s ecommerce holiday marketing calendar template

Frizbit is thrilled to unveil our latest creation: a FREE holiday marketing calendar template, meticulously designed for e-commerce businesses. 

This innovative guide and template simplifies the planning and execution process for e-commerce marketing teams, enabling them to effortlessly execute their marketing efforts across various channels.

With a clear outline of key holidays throughout the year, our template ensures that businesses stay ahead of their promotional activities. Additionally, we offer access to a variety of design templates tailored to suit different types of content, further easing the challenge of creating engaging and relevant marketing materials. 

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