Welcome to our December digital marketing news and updates! We’ve got the latest trends coming up from Search marketing, Martech advancements and the latest updates from the social media world.

Among the most outstanding news we have:

Search Marketing: Great tips from researchers to boost the visibility of your website on AI search and what holds the future of cookies. Not only that, take a look back to history with Google’s 25th anniversary!

Martech field: On the first hand, how further AI implementations on social media will be affecting the interaction you have in the apps. On the other hand, learn all about the newest update on Shopify and how to use it successfully. 

Social Media Landscape: Meta has finally launched its new platform “Threads” and learn what to expect from it. Moreover, if you are planning to create campaigns, then YouTube’s tips will be of great help.

Ready to dig deeper into these updates? Our blog article has all the insights waiting for you.

Search Marketing Updates

1.   Optimising AI search with GEO 

 Optimising AI search with GEO
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A group of researchers from multiple universities in the USA have discovered the code for us marketers! They give some methods to optimise our website for AI search, boosting visibility with Generative Engine Optimisation. 

The methods are:

  1. Cite Sources: Always refer to credible sources to support claims or statements. 
  2. Add Quotations: Integrating quotes from reputable sources enhances the reliability of the information presented. 
  3. Understandable: Simplifying complex concepts provides clearer comprehension. 
  4. Craft fluent content: Crafting content in a smooth, eloquent manner improves its readability and engagement. 
  5. Unique Vocabulary: Incorporating less common vocabulary enriches the text without altering its essence. For example, “ephemeral” instead of “temporary” can add a unique touch to descriptions.
  6. Technical Vocabulary: Introducing technical jargon, where relevant, can enhance precision. Describing “algorithm” as a step-by-step procedure in computer programming maintains accuracy while providing specificity.
  7. Statistical data: Incorporating statistical data enriches content. 

However, the Top 3 are:

  • Cite Sources
  • Add Quotations
  • Statistical data

The researchers shared that these 3 methods improved visibility by 30% to 40%. Also sharing that:

“These methods, which involve adding relevant statistics (Statistics Addition), incorporating credible quotes (Quotation Addition), and including citations from reliable sources (Cite Sources) in the website content, require minimal changes to the actual content itself. Yet, they significantly improve the website’s visibility in Generative Engine responses, enhancing both the credibility and richness of the content.”

What to make out of this?

As the changes on ranking of websites have been a headache for some, at least we can be happy that there are researchers trying to find the answers and GEO might be what we needed after all. 

2. A look back to Digital history by Google

A look back to Digital history by Google
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Google celebrated 25th years anniversary of the Google Search, and they celebrated it by sharing the most popular topics searched throughout all these years!

Embrace yourself for a look back to history!

Source: YouTube

From the first man on the moon, to groundbreaking performances of artists, series, movies, heartfelt moments between people and more. Images that remind you of humanity on its purest. 

What else? 

The company has also shared a time capsule of trends on 12 different topics that will give you unique insights about what TV shows were the most popular or what type of dog breed, for example. Take a look! 

About 2023

However, Google has also shared the trend topics for 2023:

Google Trends 2023
Source: Google

A look to the future

After sharing all the milestones accomplished, Google emphasized its commitment to the future and embracing more of AI, different technologies and foremost, innovation   

3. Removal of cookies, next steps from Google 

Removal of cookies, next steps from Google
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Google’s latest move towards gradually phasing out cookies involves the introduction of a feature called “Tracking option”. This new functionality aims to restrain cross-site tracking of cookies by default, meaning that users will no longer be tracked across websites. 

Google has shared a sneak peek of how it will look, moreover, it has also shared that: “On January 4, we’ll begin testing Tracking Protection, a new feature that limits cross-site tracking by restricting website access to third-party cookies by default. We’ll roll this out to 1% of Chrome users globally, a key milestone in our Privacy Sandbox initiative to phase out third-party cookies for everyone in the second half of 2024, subject to addressing any remaining competition concerns from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority.”

Sneak Peek of Cookies Removal
Source: Google

How to prepare for this?

Marketers and website owners will have to start thinking about their options, as this is not the end of cookies just yet…it is coming by the half of next year. Therefore, we recommend you to not get comfortable with this new feature, instead, start searching for new features that can give you a user behaviour insight under the new policies of data privacy. 

Martech Updates

1. AI has entered the chat 

Meta's in-app AI groupchats
Source: Deposit Photos

Meta has shared that they are working on 20 different ways to introduce AI across its platforms , however, one of the newest features on Facebook will  include generative AI into the group chats.

What does this entail?

Now group chat members will count with content recommendations so the conversation never dies, new topic filters and AI prompts. The latter means that when users write a message, AI will help refine their message. 

Where are we at now?

Right now, this new feature is being slowly introduced, in fact Meta is still asking admin members if they want to be on the waiting list for the new feature. Matt Navarra who is a social media expert, has shared a screenshot of the prompt admins are receiving :

Prompts received by admins in group chats using AI
Source: X “Matt Navarra” 

Moreover, an Instagram user has shared how the feature will work 

User example AI group chat bot
Source: Instagram “ Roxane Nadeau” 

What do you think about this?

It’s hard to imagine that we will need AI assistance to even send a simple message to friends and family. It looks like AI is starting to take a part even in our personal relationships, which makes us wonder, where will all of this end? 

2. New Shopify’s update on Audiences. 

New Shopify’s update on Audiences
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Following our latest news about Shopify and  its new partnerships  aiming to simplify customer acquisition from our blog of September, we now follow up with Shopify’s announcement of an update on its algorithm for audiences, called “Audiences v2.1”. 

What’s new on the update? 

  • Ad platforms will expand to TikTok, Snapchat and Criterio 
  • New benchmarking feature, allowing you to compare how your ads are doing next to competitors with similar targets and business model. 
  • Optimised targeting based on user behaviour. 

Shopify has shared a look to the new benchmark: 

Shopify has shared a look to the new benchmark
Source: Shopify

How to get started?

  1. Install the audiences app
  2. Turn on data sharing 
  3. Connect with an ad platform. Shopify recommends starting with Meta
  4. Wait a couple of days for Shopify Audiences to automatically generate audience lists.
  5. You can run the ads

Shopify tips

Shopify shares some tips to make your ads more effective:

Firstly,  whether it’s prospecting or retargeting, select your audience based on the ads goal. Secondly, you can make changes on the audience list for it to meet the needs of your ad. Thirdly, test and don’t stop testing. 

Social Media Updates

1. Threads by Meta finally available in Europe

Threads enters Europe
Source: Deposit Photos

During December, Meta finally launched “Threads” into more EU countries as it was shared by its CEO Marc Zuckerberg. The launch was delayed by some concerns on data privacy and after the company was titled as “Gatekeeper” during November as we discussed during our monthly news blog of that month.

However, there are some challenges 

Even though the platform reached over 100 million users in a matter of days, keeping them it’s what’s been a challenge. But why?

First, the platform does not have a trending topic display like its competitor X. Challenging users to find the latest updates, therefore, they still need to refer to X to know what’s going on. 

Moreover, the Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri has shared that there’s no rush on enabling users to search chronologically, as it represents safety issues. He adds that this would generate spammers, which would cause the same issues X faces. 

Is this a new option for X users? 

Marc Zuckemberg shared back in October that: “I’ve thought for a long time there should be a billion-person public conversations app that is a bit more positive. I think that if we keep at this for a few more years, then I think we have a good chance of achieving our vision there.” 

As you can take from it, this is an app that has big plans for the long-term, therefore, expecting it to be perfect right from the start might not be the way to look at it. 

On the other hand, there are many users thinking of it as the new X, therefore, when facing new features or a lack of similarity to features that made former Twitter so special, they might get frustrated. 

Our recommendation?

Look at it as a new, different platform and let it surprise you. At the end of the day, a new channel can translate into new opportunities to reach wider audiences. 

2. YouTube tips for successful campaigns

YouTube tips for successful campaigns
Source: Deposit Photos

YouTube has published the campaigns that were in the spotlight throughout the past year of 2023 and the list has come with tips to help you create campaigns just as successful. 

Which are these tips? 

  • Collaborations
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Storytelling
  • AI

First, YouTube recommends brands to partner and collaborate with creators. While this can be expensive for some brands, finding the right influencer can give you the boost you need. Plus, remember with collaborations both parties win exposure, so don’t limit your reach. 

Secondly, while extremely long ads are on the list of successful in 2023, YouTube recommends doing shorts, and they shared that this format produced 10% to 20% more conversion than the landscape format. 

Thirdly, whether it’s in the form of a long video or a miniseries, YouTube recommends creating a storytelling that captivates your audience and makes them want to keep looking. 

Lastly, as AI is almost everywhere in terms of content creation, use it in your favour and create unique content that gives you the unique touch. However, remember your brand’s goals and personality when doing so.

All in all 

Get ready to watch some unique ads next year, however, we expect to see yours as well!

3. Multi Profile options as a feauture in Social Media for 2024

We can start expecting more options on social platforms to allow us sharing different content on different profiles thanks to multiple account managements. 

Now, this is not really new, but the update will make it even more easy, instead of actually creating different accounts all you will have to do is create different profiles. Moreover, platforms are searching for a more optimised feature. 

What to expect?

Instagram for example is adding a new feature called “Flipside”, which will allow users to create another side of their profile and share it with the people they choose to. 

Alessandro Paluzzi who is a software developer, shared a sneak peek on his X account 

Alessandro Paluzzi who is a software developer, shared a sneak peek on his X account
Source: X “Alessandro Paluzzi”

All in all

Marketers and users need to be careful and make sure they are in the right profile before posting any content, as you wouldn’t want to have that type of mistake on your shoulders!

About Frizbit

1. Frizbit’s Product highlight: Drag & Drop Email Builder

 Frizbit's Product highlight: Drag & Drop Email Builder
Frizbit’s development from existing client’s design using the email builder

At Frizbit, we are thrilled to introduce you one of the most existing features in Email Marketing: the “Drag & Drop Email Builder.”

This feature allows our users to effortlessly recreate various designs and craft diverse templates for their email notifications, all while maintaining the ability to personalise them according to their preferences.

Email Marketing example personalised
Email Marketing example using Frizbit’s email builder

The tool includes options for text, CTA (Call-To-Action) buttons, images, and columns, offering a flexible solution that seamlessly adapts to both desktop and mobile devices.

This year, an increasing number of clients have embraced this tool and have expressed its exceptional user experience. They appreciate its self-manageable nature, enabling them to optimize their efforts across different channels effectively.

If you want to learn more about this channel and email marketing, to learn all about it and its benefits, click the link.

Ready to build deeper connections with your clients while elevating their online purchasing experience?

Reach out to our dedicated team or request a free demo to try Frizbit’s Customer Engagement Platform, so you can specifically cater your business goals.

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