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Hopefully you are still all well and healthy at home. While the world has been put to a halt, Digital Marketing has seen some changes. In this post we will cover these important updates that took place in April 2020, on the following topics:

  • Search Marketing Updates
  • Marketing Tech Updates
  • Content Marketing Updates
  • Social Media Marketing Updates

1. Search Marketing Updates April 2020

To start off, we will take a look at the Google algorithm updates of April 2020.

Google Ads Updates

Google Trends

In these changing environments it can be hard to determine the wants and needs of consumers. With Google Trends marketers are able to explore the most popular search terms and statistics which can be helpful when creating new advertising campaigns for instance. 

New features in Ads Editor

After publicising advertisements, the Ads Editor offers multiple features to change or assess those. For now, Google has improved the edit pane, added shared budgets and optimisation scores. These optimisation scores are particularly interesting since it indicates the effectiveness of the ads with numbers.

Ads editor

Optimisation scores in Ads Editor

Call Ads

Advertisements on Google can now incorporate their phone number in the featured snippet with a call ad. For businesses that mostly operate by calling, this could increase the engagement with customers and generate more leads. The number will be automatically called by clicking on the number. 

call ad

Call advertisement 

2. Marketing Tech Updates April 2020

A continuous growth in the marketing tech industry has shown a lot of potential as one of the most in demand tech solutions. But as new, popular markets evolve, changes are bound to happen.

Internal communication & collaboration platforms

With a lot of people working from home, communication has become a bit harder. Without the weekly or even daily meetings and face-to-face (small) talks, the physical distance can easily result in communicative problems. Hence more businesses are offering online services for sharing, planning and working unitedly. In addition, already existing platforms are improving their service in order to keep up with the changing environment. For instance, Facebook Workplace has added new features to improve internal communication, such as a Q&A option. Here are some internal communication systems:

  • Facebook Workplace
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Podio

Video calling & webinar softwares

In addition to a rise in internal communication systems, other communication platforms are becoming more prevalent nowadays. It is used to get in touch with family, friends, colleagues, and clients. Video calling is just a little bit more personal than only calling and webinar softwares are used to hold seminars online. We have listed a few softwares which might be useful to you:

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Livestorm
  • Toasty

3. Content Marketing Updates April 2020

Building a strong and desirable image in the eyes of the consumer by spreading the corresponding content is a vital part of retention. Although it can be hard at times as the consumers and trends are continually changing.

Video platform competition

The rising popularity in video content has intensified the competition in this industry. Whereas new video platforms like TikTok have seen major success, others are trying to compete by adding new features. As for now, it seems brief videos in particular are taking the market by storm. YouTube reportedly will add a feature called ‘shorts’, similar to TikTok, which is supposed to compete.

In-Game Marketing

The gaming market has been steadily and rapidly growing. With more than 2.5 billion gamers worldwide, this market has an enormous target group with a lot of marketing potential. In-game marketing is already being done. However, it is of importance that it does not interfere in the players’ enjoyment, which could be difficult. Nonetheless, this month Travis Scott has shown that games could be used in ways we are not used to by having a tour consisting out of five virtual concerts in the game Fortnite. The event was watched by millions.

gaming gta

GTA IV and in-game marketing

4. Social Media Marketing Updates April 2020

Read about the most important updates in the social media branch. What are the most popular platforms, tools and features?

Advertisement guides by Facebook

Facebook is offering businesses assistance with the swift changes as a result of COVID-19. Such initiative by the platform is not unusual, in February of this year similar support was offered to businesses impacted by the bushfires in Australia. This time three new guides have been published in regard to advertisement and how businesses can respond to the virus. 

Twitter allows COVID-19 ads

While most platforms have systems in place to prevent the misinformation about COVID-19 which ban certain content such as advertisements, Twitter is opening itself up again to coronavirus-related advertisements and has lifted the ban. However, brands will still need approval and are still bound to some regulations.

Pinterest capitalising on its potential

The increasing growth in users, the marketing potential and the rise of ecommerce have made it easier for Pinterest to capitalise on its opportunities. From now on, products featured in pins or boards can be bought or added to the collection. Also, the platform will be able to implement more personalised advertisements or recommendations.


Pinterest in-app shop

Gifts through TikTok

In collaboration with its partners, TikTok is introducing a new program wherein users can gift their friends and family with ‘Small Gestures’. These gifts are mostly so-called freebies, so promotional materials for free and can be sent up to three times per user. Although the app had not found a suitable way to monetise before, this might be the definite direction they will be going. The Chinese version of the app ‘Douyin’, has already successfully implemented this.

Tiktok rewards

TikTok’s small gestures

Social Media Insights

Due to COVID-19 we have seen a major increase in internet usage and changed user behaviour. Multiple social media platforms have provided insights into the impact of the virus on the users. 

LinkedIn has published an infographic, in particular to inform the Marketing Community. The data-based article ‘Navigating Today’s Evolving World of Work’, shows the trending hashtags, engagement growth and other related numbers. 

Snapchat has given an overview of their users’ top concerns, indoor activities, feelings regarding their situation and the impacts on brands. From the results of the conducted survey it is concluded that empathy is key for brands since it resonates with the users. This includes advertisements in which people are being helped or just simply products to be used at home.

Pinterest has listed the top trends which could be very helpful with understanding the changes and pinpoint the correct marketing efforts to match it. The most popular topics are health & wellness, parenting, food and beauty & personal care. 

These were the things that happened in Digital Marketing in April 2020. Also, read digital marketing insights from March.



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