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First of all, we hope you are all well and healthy at home. The corona virus has affected many people’s lives and also affected the Digital Marketing world. Some industries such as e-commerce are mainly affected positively and trying to keep up with the rapidly increased demand, while the majority of other industries are affected negatively such as travel, entertainment and dining. There have been some important changes. So, in this post we will cover these important updates that took place in March 2020, on the following topics:

  • Search Marketing Updates
  • Marketing Tech Updates
  • Content Marketing Updates
  • Social Media Marketing Updates

1. Search Marketing Updates March 2020

To start off, we will take a look at the Google algorithm updates of March 2020.

Google Ads Updates

New Google Ads mobile app features

The Google Ads mobile app enables users to easily monitor and review performances. After a few months of receiving feedback, the app has some small but new features in order to better the user experience. This includes Dark Mode, notifications with specific changes and the ability to prioritise recommendations.

Ensuring high-quality ads

Using highly automated vetting systems in order to disapprove certain ads which are against policy or incorrect, sometimes leaves room for mistakes. This new feature creates the possibility for advertisers to assess the issue and change the ad accordingly if needed. Thereafter an appeal can be submitted and the advertisement will be evaluated again. 

App campaigns insights

Promote your app on platforms such as YouTube with app campaigns from Google. A few features have been introduced to improve performance and better the provided insights. Performance ratings will be defined more clearly to help you determine the actual performance of one particular campaign in comparison to the rest. Also, performance charts will be made available for the assessing of long-term performance.

2. Marketing Tech Updates March 2020

A continuous growth in the marketing tech industry has shown a lot of potential as one of the most in demand tech solutions. But as new, popular markets evolve, changes are bound to happen. 


The automation of marketing has lately been progressing towards a centered approach: one system, centrally operated, for multiple marketing activities. Slack is a communicative tool which has been trying to cater to marketers by assisting them with problem solving and monitoring marketing efforts in an automated way. For instance, by adding apps to Slack, it allows instant sharing and collaboration, meaning the sharing of files and the synchronisation of tasks, calendars with the possibility to meet-up online via video calls. If you are interested in integrating Slack to keep track of different events on your website, such as new signups, cart abandonment or new messages submitted, contact Frizbit

Frizbit slack

Frizbit linked to Slack

Near Field Communications

Web NFC is a technology for wireless transmittance of small amounts of data on a short range, already used in cards to scan when entering a building. Although it might not be new technology, developers have been trying to integrate it with mobiles. With the Chrome 81 which is in its beta version since February 13, a simple NFC card game app is made available to its users. For marketers this could mean a new way to communicate with their customers. Just as AR, this could be integrated into new marketing strategies. For instance, by scanning products with an app you will be able to receive information about it. (1)
Web NFC on mobile with Chrome v81

3. Content Marketing Updates March 2020

Building a strong and desirable image in the eyes of the consumer by spreading the corresponding content is a vital part of retention. Although it can be hard at times as the consumers and trends are continually changing.

Influencer marketing

A new but very prominent way to market is by means of influencer marketing. Influencers can be defined as people with the ability to influence potential buyers and an audience to promote a product. Seeing one’s favourite influencer using a particular product or brand has proven to have a positive effect on the profits and image. Since the buyer feels a connection to the influencer, he or she is more likely to buy the product and has a level of trust in the quality. Also, the targeting is overall more accurate since the buyer apparently already is aligned with the values and interest of the influencer.

Videos and meme’s related to COVID-19

As we have noticed and written about in the last two blogs, video and meme’s have been increasingly popular communication formats. With the drastic changes we have undergone in our daily lives for the past few weeks, such as quarantines, social distancing and the fear of running out of toilet paper, new relatable content has come out. The content which everyone can relate to all over the world, is in a way uniting us and humoristically keeping the mood up in these times. 

Corona mem

COVID-19 related meme


Social distancing or even fully going in quarantine is essential in preventing COVID-19 to spread so quickly. Adhering to this, all the face-to-face gatherings are canceled for the time being with online gatherings being held instead. For many businesses, web conferencing or ‘webinars’ have become an important way to communicate with their audience. The host or speaker of the webinar is able to speak to the attendees live with audio and visuals. Also allowing interaction by means of Q&A features. 

Tips on how to work remotely

For this quarantine special we have listed a few tips on how to work remotely:

Online communication

Make use of the advanced technology of online communication. Skype, Zoom, Google Meet and many more provide us the option to have meetings from home.

Schedule your day

It is easy to get lost in a sea of time; what and when should you do everything? The important thing is to keep a daily rhythm allowing yourself some free time while having some fixed activities.

Create a workplace

You will be spending quite some time working in that space. Assure a quiet and relaxed surrounding for you to work at ease. 

Stay productive

Do not let yourself get distracted by the TV, chores or other disturbances at home. Create a task list in which you can see your progress or lack of. Also, be aware that it does not mean you should not take breaks or work longer.

4. Social Media Marketing Updates March 2020

Read about the most important updates in the social media branch. What are the most popular platforms, tools and features?

Facebook fights coronavirus related ads

Due to misinformation around the coronavirus and the desire to keep users calm, Facebook has taken new measures. Which includes the ban of advertisement and commerce listing selling products such as medical face masks and other related products. These advertisements, most of the times accompanied by text meant to raise panic, are seen as opportunistic and exploitative. In addition, all content is being moderated to combat the spreading of incorrect information. However, because of some complications as a result of the virus, Facebook warns its users and advertisers for delays and errors.

Reddit capitalising on its growth

The platform Reddit has resisted those eye-catching promotional messaging for a long time. However, with the increasing growth in users, their undeniable advertisement potential can not go unnoticed anymore. From now on, it will place the advertisements in more noticeable places. This will be a stepping stone to opening its platform to more opportunities in the future. Nonetheless, the reaction of the users, also called ‘redditors’, will be the deciding factor whether this change of policy will be an actual success. 


More prominent placing of advertisements

Instagram monetising its IGTV

Instagram, used for sharing pictures and videos, is branching out with a new app for longer videos which could be watched vertically. But users are also able to watch the content of it within the existing Instagram app. IGTV is entering a market with a few powerful competitors and will need to prove its potential by alluring to the masses and its ability to advertise. Monetising content allows creators to have advertisements in between their content and receive a share of the profit. The rest of the profit goes to the platform. It is speculated the rate of IGTV will be 55%

LinkedIn increases CTR with conversation ads

By observing its users behaviour, LinkedIn has noticed the shift from mass communication to one-to-one conversation. Messaging apps have gained significant big amounts of users and the increased time spended on it, have made it very advertisement friendly. LinkedIn is coming out with Sponsored Messaging, a message-based ad format highly customised with call-to-action buttons. 

Linkedin ctrConversation ad with CTA buttons 

Brand loyalty programs on Facebook

Still being tested but showing much potential are the brand loyalty programs on Facebook. By linking a new or existing account of the brand to Facebook, users will be able to receive benefits such as discounts and points. The system enables the strengthening of brand loyalty while also improving the hyper-personalisation and targeting. 


Brand loyalty programme for Sephora customers

These were the things that happened in Digital Marketing in March 2020. Also, read Digital Marketing Insights from February.



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