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The world of Digital Marketing changes every day. Almost to the minute. So, if you’re a digital marketing professional or a enthusiast, you must keep up the pace and stay tuned with the latest news and we’re here to help.

Here are the most relevant updates of Digital Marketing for October 2020:

1. Search Marketing Updates October 2020

New Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a key tool for every company, large or small. Taking marketing actions without tracking user’s behaviour in your site it’s a wild-goose chase. That’s why accurate metrics measurement it’s so extremely important.

“In a survey from Forrester Consulting, marketers said that improving their use of analytics is a top priority, and that existing solutions make it difficult to get a complete view of the customer and derive insights from their data.”

Google’s aware of this and has launched a new, smarter and much more accurate version of Google Analytics. With no stone left unturned on any feature, the new Google Analytics offers deeper insights on users behaviour to help marketing professionals communicate better with their audience.

new google analytics digital marketing insights

New ways of collecting data, easier integration with other Google marketing products (such as Data Studio and Google Tag Manager) and Machine Learning & AI are some of the features added to the new version of Google Analytics.

The Machine Learning models allow to track very specific behaviours from users in your site. Applying this advanced feature, you open up the possibility for the new Google Analytics to offer relevant insights in your data based on customer needs, and even future actions.

All this added information about users, allows companies to make more informed decisions when it comes to plan their next marketing campaigns. The data given by these new Google Analytics features opens the door to the creation of even more specific audiences, customer’s groups and to the deep understanding of their actions.

One of the most exciting new features is the integration of web and app interactions. The new Google Analytics can measure conversions that occur in-app and on the web together in one single report.

Having paid and organic channels’ conversion side by side, helps get a better understanding on how the combined efforts of all the channels are working together towards the marketing objectives.

All in all, the new Google Analytics offers profound understanding on how customers interact and behave.

2. Marketing Tech Updates October 2020

Content Marketing

With so much information and content users receive every day, it’s not unusual to get discouraged when it comes to creating content marketing strategies for e-commerce sites. Cutting through all the noise is no less than a very daunting task. And if we add the labour of tracking those efforts and transforming them into useful data for our business, everything can be uphill.

Content marketing Digital Marketing Updates October 2020

However, COVID-19 pandemic is changing many habits and forcing a lot of businesses to migrate to an online environment. In a lot of cases making e-commerce the only viable option.

“According to Digital Commerce 360, 58% of consumers said they expect to do more online shopping after the pandemic than they did before it and 80% of business buyers expect to do more purchasing online post-pandemic.“

Creating relevant, meaningful and engaging content has never been so important. User generated content (UCG) is becoming more and more the way to go when it comes to digital marketing strategies.

E-commerce sites must ride the wave of authentic content as a major part of their marketing efforts. There are a number of tools and platforms businesses can use in order to create efficient UG.


Stackla is a platform designed to power user generated content marketing activities. It offers features such as geolocation, hashtags and advanced visual technology to track the best content shared by users.

The Stackla features allow businesses to manage cross-platform and use the UGC in different marketing tools such as emails, ads or websites.


Photoslurp is a tool that focuses on selling with social content. They collect information generated by users using hashtags, tags, mentions and stories across social media platforms.

They allow sites to monitor performance such as clicks, conversions and revenue. Photoslurp integrates with e-commerce sites with a simple Javascript snippet.

3. Social Media Marketing Updates October 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Social Media Marketing

When hearing the phrase “artificial intelligence” (AI) we all probably think more in a Steven Spielberg movie than in marketing. However, this ability of softwares to “learn” and imitate the behaviour of human brains has become a key ingredient when it comes to understanding and predicting users’ behaviour.

social media marketing Digital Marketing Updates October 2020

Through the usage of algorithms and historical data gathered from tracking users activities on social media, artificial intelligence tools can give business information about how they use their accounts. What type of content they engage more with, when they’re more active and when they like to share content.

Once all this information is analyzed, AI can determine what type of messages and content is more relevant to said audience.

“Research shows that artificial intelligence can boost business productivity by 40%.”

There are many platforms such as SocialBakers that offer AI solutions for social media marketing. They offer:

  • Audience analysis
  • Listening
  • Influencers marketing
  • Content intelligence
  • Publishing and scheduling
  • Analytics and benchmarks
  • Community management

These were the things that happened in Digital Marketing in October 2020. You can also read all updates on the Digital Marketing Insights page.




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