Hi again! Updating you with the most recent trends, events and updates within the digital marketing world. In this post, we are covering all the important updates that took place in July.

1. Search Marketing Updates July 2020

Google Organic Algorithm Updates

July 2020 mainly has been a calm month regarding google organic algorithm updates, even calmer than June. There was no official update declared by Google.

There is only one probable update as far as some SEOs mentioned some changes on their organic traffic on July 23rd & 24th. The general comments of the SEO community, again, have been negative. There is no specific type of websites or queries being affected more than others, according to the comments of webmasters.

google-search-algorithm-update-semrushThe impacts of the probable Google Algorithm update on search results, by Semrush

google-search-algorithm-update-cognitiveseoThe impacts of the probable Google Algorithm update on search results, by CognitiveSEO

Google Ads Updates

Zero commission fees on Google Shopping when product is bought on Google

Google continues to shake up the dynamics of the e-commerce websites.

The first wave was in April 2020. Google had announced that they made all the listings on Google Shopping in the U.S. for free in the pursuit of enriching the number of the products listed there, as all products will be listed no matter if they are paying or not. (It was just the Shopping tab at first)

Update to Google Shopping

Then, the second wave took place at the end of the last month. At the end of last month, Google announced that they made the free shopping listings also available on the main Google Search results page in the U.S. This helped shoppers choose the products and sellers that will serve them best, from the widest variety of options.jackpot-organic-offers-oxo-tea-125-shortened_62620.gif

The third and the final (at least for now) wave was announced in July 23rd. Google is now launching “Buy on Google” checkout experience and the retailers who participate in this program will be able to sell products directly in search results and they no longer have to pay a commission fee for sales made via the ‘Buy on Google’ option. This is a payment option that lets customers buy products without leaving Google search results.Buy on Google.png

New Product Attributes in Shopping Ads

Google started showing product attributes such as “Material” in Shopping ads, which is a new feature that e-commerce marketers have to pay attention and don’t forget to add these attributes to their product feeds. This is very new test which has been caught up by a Jackson Lo as you can see on this tweet.

Introducing new features for responsive search ads

Responsive Search Ads (RSA) are the new type of search ads which allow marketers to add multiple alternatives to headlines and descriptions to the text ads and machine learning optimizes the performance of the campaigns by showing more relevant combinations to increase engagements. Now you can use location insertion to dynamically add where your product  is offered. After having it set up, the ad can automatically include city, state, or country names based on the locations of potential customers or their areas of interest.

 Screenshot showing the option to set up location insertion for your responsive search ads
How to add location insertion to the responsive search ads

2. Marketing Tech Updates July 2020

A continuous growth in the marketing tech industry has shown a lot of potential as one of the most in demand tech solutions. But as new, popular markets evolve, changes are bound to happen. 

Deloitte publishes the 3rd Edition of their survey “State of AI in the Enterprise”

In July, Deloitte publishes “Thriving in the Era of Pervasive AI“. According to Deloitte’s survey of 2,737 information technology and line-of-business executives taken in late 2019, 61% of respondents said they expect AI to substantially transform their industry in the next three years. Adopters are making significant investments with 53% spending more than $20 million in the past year on AI and talent. The category of adopters has increased from 21 percent to 26 percent since the 2018 survey.


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