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We are back! Updating you with the most recent trends, events and updates within the digital marketing world. In this post, we are covering all the important updates that took place in June, on the following topics:

  • Search Marketing Updates
  • Marketing Tech Updates
  • Content Marketing Updates
  • Social Media Marketing Updates

1. Search Marketing Updates June 2020

To start off, we will take a look at the Google algorithm updates of June 2020.

Google Organic Algorithm Updates

June 2020 mainly has been a calm month regarding google organic algorithms. There was no official update declared by Google. However, some SEOs mentioned some changes on their organic traffic and some claimed that these are enough to claim these are the signs of a big update. The majority of the fluctuations reached a peak on 23rd of June. 

The general comments of the SEO community have been negative. They claim that some old outdated sites improved ranking in google, even some of the not mobile friendly ones. They also claim that the local results got worse.

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Google algorithm impacts on SEO

Google Ads Updates

Keyword Planner New Beta Feature: Refine Keywords

Find relevant keywords to your product, service, website or landing page with Keyword Planner. With new possible refinement suggestions, related  keywords suggestions will be grouped together based on the attributes of your product or service–like color, size, etc


Keyword Planner with its new beta feature: Refine Keywords

View explanations for conversion changes

Understanding changes in conversion volumes could be difficult, since so many factors come into play. In order to make the diagnoses easier, users are now able to request explanations in Search campaigns. Instead of spending time on allocating the issues, more time can be spent on optimizing the performance. 


Explanations for conversion changes in app campaigns.

Feeds in App campaigns

Help and provide users fast solutions for their needs or questions with easy-to-use feeds in apps. This update comes with new and improved formats, expanded query eligibility and deferred deep linking for a more integrated onboarding experience. For now, it is still in its beta version but according to Google this will be rolled out entirely in the coming months. 

feeds app campaigns

An improved onboarding experience with feeds

2. Marketing Tech Updates June 2020

A continuous growth in the marketing tech industry has shown a lot of potential as one of the most in demand tech solutions. But as new, popular markets evolve, changes are bound to happen. 

Visual search results of Pinterest

Pinterest has been making changes by adding new ecommerce features to appeal more businesses. This time the company has added the lens visual search results for an effortless search for products to buy. Open the camera in-app or upload a picture and a tab ‘Shop’ will show up with the same or similar products for you to buy instantly. Pinterest hopes to encourage businesses to add their whole catalogue and increase ecommerce engagement. Especially now since it has seen a significant increase in traffic due to the pandemic. Producing search results by means of pictures could improve the overall user experience and it will be no surprise if other platforms eventually also add this helpful feature.

Pinterest shop (1)

Pinterest’s visual search results

3. Content Marketing Updates June 2020

Building a strong and desirable image in the eyes of the consumer by spreading the corresponding content is a vital part of retention. Although it can be hard at times as the consumers and trends are continually changing.

Live video streaming

Broadcasting live through video form is known as streaming. The streaming platform Twitch has succeeded to attract big audiences, mainly with videogaming streaming. Due to the growing demand for video content and videogames, live video streaming services are showing much monotization potential. Ad breaks allows marketers to reach these audiences by inserting unskippable advertisements during the stream. Also, the highly interactive channel can be used to communicate with customers in new manners. For instance, by streaming product launches, tutorials or exclusive behind the scenes.


Just as live streaming, the audio-based channel has grown to be widely used worldwide. In-podcast ads have much potential but what might be more interesting are branded podcasts. The Dutch Airline KLM, Slack and even McDonalds have aired podcasts with huge success. Often with an engagement time of 30 minutes or even longer, the one-on-one time with a brand creates a trustful relationship without making it too branded and ‘in your face’ all the time. By hearing a human voice, people feel more at ease and are willing to embrace new ideas.

User-generated content

Seeing branded content of our peers is more impactful than another traditional advertisement. User-generated content is content created and shared by unpaid customers. Oftentimes it is done by encouraging the customers to engage and partake in the promotions. For example, Coca Cola introduced the Share a Coke bottles. The campaign encouraged customers to find a bottle with their name on it and share it on social media.

share a coke

Coca Cola user-generated social media content

Or more recently, clothing websites have been uploading more content of users, often from influencers with an existing following. 

Schermafbeelding 2020-06-29 om 22.16.51

Asos user-generated content on their website 

4. Social Media Marketing Updates June 2020

Read about the most important updates in the social media branch. What are the most popular platforms, tools and features?

Snapchat’s ad templates

The platform is simplifying the process of ad formatting by offering templates through Ads Manager. It is easy to use and always shows a clear overview of relevant product information. Also, it is possible now to link it to the inventory, showing customers the availability of the product. 

Snapchat templates

Easy to use templates on Snapchat

Facebook allowing switch between personal and business accounts

Facebook’s Messenger app will enable the possibility to easily switch between personal and business accounts. Since many business pages admins also use the app for personal use, two separate apps would be redundant. With the increased popularity of messaging platforms, this simple but useful feature caters to its new market environment. However, this new update might not be for everybody considering the very fine separation between work and personal life. 

TikTok for business

The popularity of short videos and TikTok has been shown very evidently. As one of the most downloaded apps at this moment, more ecommerce opportunities arise. TikTok has launched a website for businesses, essentially a manual for marketers on the platform. Insightful tips, links and case studies for the optimisation of the performance. In the near future, a new feature for data collection will be introduced. 

tiktok for business

TikTok for business

These were the things that happened in Digital Marketing in June 2020. Also, read Digital Marketing Insights from May.

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