Welcome to the Digital Marketing updates and news of June 2024! 

This month, we place special emphasis on improving content quality with Google’s new updates in the area of Search Marketing, which focus on the new Spam Updates of June 2024, as well as the surprising rising of Reddit answers in the firsts rankins on Google. Could this be a new strategy that leverages audience participation in content creation? 🤔

Additionally, we will explore other relevant digital marketing updates and news in areas such as Search Marketing, Martech, Social Media, and the latest updates from Frizbit.

Here’s a preview of the topics we will cover in this blog:

  • Search Marketing Updates: Discover Google’s latest digital marketing updates and news about June 2024 Spam and the relevance of Reddit in Google Search, driven by user opinions.
  • Martech Updates: Explore the new features coming to Google Analytics 4 and the latest updates from Notion with the launch of “Notion Sites.”
  • Social Media News: Learn about TikTok´s digital marketing updates and introduction of Whee, a new social network to secure its market position following the controversial news of a potential TikTok ban in the USA.
  • About Frizbit: Discover Frizbit’s digital marketing updates and news . Read about the experience at VTEX Connect Europe and the integration of a new product recommendation feature in Primor

Search Marketing: Digital Marketing Updates and News

1. Google’s June 2024 Spam Update

Google Search Marketing updates of June 2024
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Google’s June 2024 Spam Update, which took place from June 20 to June 27, targets websites that violate Google’s spam policies, excluding link spam and site reputation abuse, resulting in a decrease in their search visibility. 

Potential Impact on Search Results 

Affected sites must review and comply with Google’s spam policies to recover, which may take several months.

Although the update caused mixed reactions, not all is bad news, as some websites may benefit from the update by facing less competition from spammy results.

Recomendations for Marketing Experts

It is essential to conduct regular website audits to identify and eliminate any content that might be perceived as spam. 

Additionally, improving user experience and increasing site credibility by obtaining keywords using external tools such as Semrush can help improve your content for SEO purposes to achieve better rankings in Google Search results.

2. Reddit in Top Rankings: Google Prioritises Opinions Over Informational Content

Reddit digital marketing news and updates 2024
Source: Reddit

Recently, a 39% increase in Reddit traffic was reported.

This platform (web and mobile), which operates as a forum where content is socially curated, demonstrates that Google is increasingly prioritising user-generated content and opinions over traditional expert content in its search results.

Mordy Oberstein, SEO Manager at Wix, shared data supporting this argument.

Source: Twitter

This change highlights the importance of leveraging community engagement and user feedback for marketers and brands if they are looking to rank on the first positions in Google with their content.

To adapt, marketers should incorporate user reviews, testimonials, and community-driven insights into their content strategies.

This strategic adjustment will help brands align with Google’s evolving search algorithms, improving their search performance and fostering genuine interactions with their audience.

Recomendations for Marketing Experts

  • Conduct a general search on Reddit for topics related to your brand or industry and participate in relevant discussions.
  • Respond to user questions on Reddit with valuable information that subtly integrates your brand’s products or services.
  • Foster the creation of active and authentic communities where users can share their experiences and opinions about your brand.

Martech Field: Digital Marketing Updates and News

1. Google Analytics 4 Rolls Out New Features

Following our latest marketing updates and news, in June, marking the last month to recover data from Universal Analytics, Google announced a set of upcoming features for Google Analytics 4 (GA4), aimed at significantly improving data collection and analysis capabilities.

In our previous blog on marketing news and updates from October 2022, we already mentioned the importance of preparing for this change, and now Google is delivering on its promises, providing a more advanced and functional tool.

Google Analytics updates 2024

You can now see the number of users eligible for remarketing and ad personalisation in Google Ads; these are called advertising segments. GA4 advertising segments are synonymous with audience segments in the Google Ads Audience Manager. 

These new tools will offer marketers more detailed insights into user behavior, allowing for a deeper understanding of how audiences interact with their content across different platforms.

With improved tracking and reporting functionalities, GA4 will facilitate more effective data-driven decision-making, enabling marketers to optimise their campaigns with greater precision.

2. Notion 2.42: Introducing Notion Sites

Updates of Notion Sites, notion in the digital marketing news of june 2024
Source: Notion

The Notion 2.42 update introduces the new Notion Sites feature, allowing users to create websites directly from the platform, simplifying the website building and management process. 

With Notion Sites, users can create landing pages, job directories, and complete help centers. Additionally, you can connect your own domain or use a personalised Notion Site URL.

To improve search engine visibility, Notion Sites allows for the addition of custom metadata and integrates with Google Analytics to track website metrics.

Furthermore, Notion has announced that bar, line, and pie charts will soon be available to visualise any type of progress, available without limits in the Plus, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Possible Implications 

This move aligns with the discussions in our November 2022 blog post on “Notion AI and All Its Possibilities,” where we talked about Notion’s potential to become a direct competitor to Google, especially after the launch of Notion AI.

Social Media News: Digital Marketing Updates and News

1. TikTok Launches New Image Sharing App Called Whee

whee digital marketing news and updates june 2024
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TikTok presents the sudden launch of Whee, a new image-sharing app designed to compete with platforms like Instagram. 

Whee allows users to share photos and connect through visual content, leveraging the popularity of image-centered social networks to reach a wider audience and increase market presence

This move migth have been a TikTok’s strategy to counter the controversy of its potential ban in the USA. For more details, read the news about the U.S. House of Representatives passing a law that could ban TikTok for national security reasons in our Digital Marketing Updates and News of March 2024 .

2. TikTok Unveils New Trend Insights for Marketers, 2024: The Report

Tik Tok digital marketing news and updates june 2024
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TikTok’s 2024 trend report highlights “Edutainment” as a significant trend, merging educational content with entertainment to effectively engage users. 

The report emphasises the importance of community-driven content, where active user participation shapes narratives and fosters engagement.

Marketers can leverage these insights to create more relevant strategies on TikTok, aligning their content with the dynamic preferences of the platform’s audience.

Key Insights from This News:

  • Edutainment: It is crucial to implement the new trend that merges educational content with entertainment to attract users effectively.
  • Community-Driven Content: Active user participation shapes narratives and fosters engagement.
  • Niche Interest Targeting: These elements significantly influence user behavior and content trends.

Tips for Marketing Professionals

  • Tools like Canva and Lumen5 can help transform educational content into attractive and visual videos that capture the audience’s attention.
  • Additionally, it is essential to involve the community through surveys, questions, and challenges to increase interaction and content authenticity.
  • Targeting specific niches will allow you to create content that is more relevant to the current interests of TikTok’s audience.

About Frizbit

1. Frizbit at VTEX Connect Europe

Frizbit at VTEX Connect Europe about frizbit news and updates june 2024
Source: Frizbit

This month, the Frizbit team attended VTEX Connect Europe in Barcelona! 

This event provided our team with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments from VTEX and their expansion in Europe.

Attending was very enriching for our team, as our multichannel marketing automation platform integrates with VTEX.

About VTEX Connect Europe

Development and Innovation

Learning about VTEX’s latest developments and expansion taught us various advanced solutions to enhance our service in the eCommerce sector.

Event Highlights 

Frizbit had the opportunity to attend Carles Puyol’s interview on leadership. During his interview, four key points were highlighted: resilience, staying focused, persevering through challenges, and work-life balance.

Don’t miss Frizbit’s monthly blogs and explore our latest Digital Marketing Updates and News!

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