Have you analysed your Holiday Marketing Calendar beyond the final quarter of the year?

Statistically, the Q4 makes up more than its share of revenue at 30%, and therefore is one of the most looked out for dates. Nevertheless, revenue intake expands beyond the final quarter, hence, to receive the most success, retailers should have their campaigns and communication planned in advance and ready to go with the help of an ecommerce holiday marketing calendar.

Holiday Campaigns are mainly known for Xmas & New Years, but there are Much More Opportunities of Marketing Holidays Year Round to Boost Sales!

There are endless opportunities to help increase revenue throughout the calendar year, and Frizbit has put together a holiday calendar and tips that as a provider of marketing strategies for e-commerce we think are valuable. Each new month brings a new marketing campaign opportunity to connect with customers on a special day through special promotions.

Make your Holiday Marketing Calendar unique and effective

Following an ecommerce holiday marketing calendar is made simple when it is used effectively. And web push notifications have been effective in sending holiday sales alerts and exciting offers in cross-channel, rather than using only one, for example, only social media campaigns through social media posts or social media advertising.

They are built to grab a desktop or mobile user’s attention even when they are not browsing. They act as a message delivery system, adding a personal touch to better target and engage with your audience. It’s much easier than e-mails to collect subscribers, and it’s also more effective in re-engaging. Moreover, we have created a blog post dedicated guide on web push notifications with more insights.

Push notifications are able to contribute to a company’s success year round by building anticipation, keeping subscribers updated and bridging the gap between brand and consumer.

That’s why the following sample images of marketing campaigns are prepared in web push form!

Ultimate Holiday Campaign Calendar for Marketers with Campaign Ideas for 2024


1. January 1st — New Year’s

Use this opportunity to wish your consumers a Happy New Year and encourage the celebration of new beginnings while strengthening your corporate relationships. This is the perfect first day to endorse the act of planning ecommerce marketing strategies for the upcoming year.

Holiday Content Calendar Ideas January 1st
Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – New Year

2. January 15thBlue Monday

Although this holiday is considered as the “saddest” day of the year due to many factors as having overspent over the holidays, not accomplishing last year’s goals, resuming holiday and getting back to work, among others. This holiday can be an excellent opportunity to also promote “therapy shopping” and position products as a solution to escape the negativity of this day.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Blue Monday


3. February 10 — Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the game that NFL fans wait for all football season. It is watched all over the world and is one of the biggest days for advertising.

While your eCommerce might not be among the Super Bowl advertisers, there are still ample opportunities to score big with web push notifications.

Tailor promotions, engage on social media, and create themed content to captivate audiences during this highly anticipated event. Utilizing targeted web push notifications can instantly reach your audience with exclusive Super Bowl promotions and updates, ensuring your brand stays top-of-mind during the game, even without a multimillion-dollar ad slot.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Superbowl

4. February 11 — Chinese New Year

This Chinese festival is celebrated at the beginning of the lunar Chinese calendar.

Elevate your Chinese New Year 2024 eCommerce marketing by infusing the power of numerology. Craft irresistible promotions with discounts like 8%, 18%, or 28%, leveraging the auspicious connotations of these numbers. Create limited-time offers, such as flash sales lasting 88 minutes or exclusive deals for the first 128 customers, adding a sense of luck and urgency.

Design product bundles and themed collections with quantities tied to lucky numbers, enriching the cultural narrative of prosperity. In web push notifications, deliver compelling messages like “Unlock prosperity with an exclusive 28% discount – limited time only!” Communicate the positive symbolism behind each number to showcase a thoughtful understanding of Chinese traditions, ensuring your campaign resonates authentically with the festive spirit and captures the attention of your audience.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Chinese New Year

5. February 14— Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day not only attracts couples, but any emotional being ready to project love into the lives of others. It is a day driven by romance and love, and those patiently waiting to order their chocolate covered strawberries, flowers, etc.

Consider offering special packaging or customizable options to enhance the gift-giving experience. By tapping into the sentiments of the season, your eCommerce brand can create memorable connections and drive Valentine’s Day sales.

For Web Push notifications and Valentine’s Day success, enhance your eCommerce strategy with web push notifications. Send timely reminders for last-minute gifts, exclusive Valentine’s Day discounts, and limited-time offers. Create a sense of urgency with real-time notifications on popular products or flash sales.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Valentines Day


6. March 8 — International Women’s Day

A public holiday dedicated to the focal point in the movement for women’s rights. A day to celebrate women and let them know how important they are.

Spark empowerment with your audience on International Women’s Day through strategic web push notifications. Craft compelling messages that resonate with the spirit of equality, strength, and celebration of women. Highlight special Women’s Day promotions or exclusive product launches, enticing your subscribers to join the movement.

Use concise yet impactful language, incorporating relevant hashtags like #WomensDay, and provide a direct call-to-action, guiding users to explore, shop, or participate. Keep the tone inclusive and inspirational, fostering a sense of community around the celebration.

Imagen de Frizbit
Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Women’s Day

7. March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day

Maximize your St. Patrick’s Day marketing strategy by embracing the spirit of luck and celebration.

Begin by curating a dedicated collection of Irish-inspired products that resonate with the festive theme.

Then leverage the power of social media to share engaging content around Irish culture, traditions, and the significance of St. Paddy’s Day. Consider running themed contests or giveaways to encourage user participation and generate excitement.

Using Web Push Notifications, you can inject a sense of urgency into your promotions, offering limited-time discounts or exclusive bundles that align with the holiday spirit. Use vibrant visuals and green-themed aesthetics across your website and marketing materials to create a visually appealing and cohesive experience.

Sláinte to a successful St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaign!

Imagen de Frizbit
Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – St. Patrick’s

8. March 29 & 31 — Good Friday & Easter Monday

Leverage the power of web push notifications for Good Friday and Easter Monday across various industries.

Retailers can entice customers with exclusive Easter collections and limited-time discounts. Food and beverage establishments can promote special Easter menus or delivery options. Fashion brands can highlight seasonal clothing and accessories. Home decor and gift shops can use web push to showcase Easter-themed products. Travel and hospitality businesses can push last-minute Easter getaway deals. Entertainment and events can notify subscribers of Easter-themed activities. Beauty and wellness brands can offer promotions on self-care items with an Easter twist. Technology retailers can use web push to announce gadget promotions tied to the holiday.

Remeber to tailor your messages to align with the Easter spirit, creating a sense of urgency and excitement for your audience.

Eastern Week Marketing example in web push
Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Easter Monday and Good Friday


9. May 13 — Mother’s Day

A day dedicated to all mom’s and mother figures. Mother’s day is a time to show how much they mean to you and though we can’t give them everything every day, they deserve to be spoiled with gifts and tons of offers.

Elevate your Mother’s Day eCommerce marketing with strategic web push notifications. Craft personalized messages to showcase exclusive Mother’s Day collections, limited-time discounts, and thoughtful gift ideas. Use language that evokes emotion and urgency, such as ‘Surprise Mom with 15% Off – Limited Stock!’ Schedule notifications strategically to coincide with peak shopping times and consider highlighting unique features like gift wrapping or personalized options. Encourage subscribers to share their gift ideas on social media and leverage the power of user-generated content.

Imagen de Frizbit
Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Mother’s Day

10. May 27 — Memorial Day
This holiday is noticed for remembering those who have passed away while serving in the armed forces. Memorial Day is a huge day for any major sale, considering most people are given the day off from school and work.

Best Practices for Memorial Day Web Push eCommerce Marketing:

Craft respectful and patriotic messages that acknowledge the solemnity of Memorial Day. Encourage moments of reflection and remembrance while offering exclusive discounts with terms like “Salute to Savings” for limited-time promotions. Create urgency through deals on patriotic-themed products and highlight any contributions to veteran or military organizations transparently.

Avoid in Memorial Day Web Push eCommerce Marketing:

Ensure promotions don’t come off as insensitive by using respectful language. Strike a balance between promotions and meaningful messages to prevent overcommercialization. Transparently communicate how your brand observes the holiday to avoid any perception of exploitation. Be attuned to customer sentiment, avoiding negative reactions to promotions that may be seen as exploiting rather than honoring the occasion.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Memorial Day


11. June 16 — Father’s Day
A day to celebrate dads and those who act as father’s in your life. Let them know that their advice and efforts do not go unnoticed with a new set of golf clubs or a new shaving kit!

Level up your Father’s Day marketing game with web push notifications that truly resonate. Craft messages that go beyond discounts, telling a story of the unique bond between dads and their loved ones. Introduce exclusive Father’s Day collections, limited-edition items, or personalized gift options. Infuse humor or heartfelt sentiments into your messages, creating an emotional connection. Utilise web push to not just sell products, but to inspire and celebrate the diverse qualities of fathers.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Father’s Day


12. July 4 — Independence Day

We are already half-through this eCommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar, and we continue with a landmark day in US national history, often celebrated with fireworks, red, white, and blues and lots of family time. The perfect occasion for promoting all of those cook out necessities!

Spark patriotic excitement with web push notifications for Independence Day. Craft messages that evoke the spirit of freedom and celebration, featuring exclusive July 4th collections and limited-time discounts. Use language that ignites pride, and excitement, and try crafting campaigns that involve your offering in more of the traditional activities to celebrate this holiday.

Holiday Marketing Calendar example US
Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – 4th of July


13. August (US) & September (Europe) — Back to School Shopping

The month to hit the stores for a new wardrobe for the upcoming school year. Consumers are ready to show off their new style and have everything new, the perfect opportunity to keep them up to date on new arrivals and the latest collections!

Craft messages that capture the excitement of new beginnings, featuring exclusive school-ready collections and limited-time discounts. Use language that resonates with students and parents, like ‘Gear Up for Success: 15% Off Back-to-School Essentials – Limited Stock!’

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Back To School


14. September 2 —Labor Day (US)

A day to recognise the contributions that workers have made to the strength and prosperity of the US. Labor Day is another huge day to offer up major sales!

Craft messages that celebrate the hard work of your audience, featuring exclusive Labor Day collections and limited-time discounts. Some of the product that tend to perform better revolve around the leisure and relaxation. One key aspect to enhance in your campaigns is to ensure your brand contributes to a memorable and relaxing Labor Day celebration for your audience.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Labour Day


15. October 31 — Halloween

Halloween is a recognisable event which businesses, especially online, regularly use to communicate with their audience. This event is highly surrounded by trick or treating, the concept of carving pumpkins and dressing up in all kinds of costumes.

Haunt your audience with spellbinding web push notifications for Halloween marketing success. Weave messages that cast a bewitching spell, showcasing exclusive Halloween collections and spine-chilling discounts.

Incorporate how your offering can adapt to be part of the celebrations and activities during this holiday.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Halloween


16. November 28 — Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. Give back to your consumers and encourage the extended thanks to their families and those close to them with a sale on turkey dinner or a 2 for 1 deal on their favourite wine.

Craft messages that embrace gratitude, featuring exclusive Thanksgiving collections and thankful discounts. Use language that warms the heart, such as ‘Grateful Gatherings: 20% Off Thanksgiving Essentials – Limited Stock!

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Thanksgiving

17. November 23 & 26 — Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The sale days of all days! The monumental moment for retailers and online businesses to provide significant sale prices on their products. This point in the retailer timetable is the most important for marketers. The revenue brought in from these sale days, makes up 30 percent of the overall annual revenue.

Craft messages that unveil exclusive deals and doorbusters, creating a shopping frenzy with language like ‘Black Friday Bonanza: Unlock 30% Off – Limited Stock!’ For Cyber Monday, entice digital shoppers with tech-savvy offers and online delights such as ‘Cyber Monday Spectacular: Dive into 24 Hours of Savings!’

Schedule notifications strategically to build anticipation and align with peak shopping hours. Tailor messages to spotlight specific product categories or flash sales, adding to the excitement.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Black Friday


18. December 25 — Christmas
If you made it this far, we are reaching the end of this eCommerce Holiday Marketing Calendar, and what a better holiday to finish with than Christmas.

Everyone shops for Christmas, that is a given. Therefore, it is a great time to approach your list of consumers by wishing them a happy holiday season and by encouraging them to get after all the deals in order to prepare for the busy Christmas season.

When using web push for Christmas marketing, keep it friendly and avoid being too salesy.

Make everyone feel included by recognising different celebrations. Plan your web push messages ahead of time for a well-thought-out campaign. Personalise your push notifications to be more specific and less generic. Be careful not to send too many push notifications to avoid annoying your subscribers.

Ensure your push notifications work well on mobile devices since many people use them for shopping. You can also express gratitude to your subscribers for their support.

Keep your push notifications simple and consider doing something positive for the community or the environment. By sidestepping these issues and incorporating positive practices, your Christmas web push notifications can be more effective and well-received by your audience.

Holiday Marketing Calendar Example – Christmas

And here is a wrap of your ecommerce holiday calendar, but it doesn’t really end there! As you will have to prepare your holiday marketing strategy for the next year!

Why Should Retailers Invest in Web Push Notifications?

  • Send holiday sales alerts
  • Share exciting offers and contests
  • Send updates on new products and back in stock notifications
  • Offer gifts with purchases
  • Inform users on extended sales offers
  • Offer exclusive deals
  • Personalise the holiday selling experience
  • Don’t just sell products — sell the brand
  • Put emphasis on customer loyalty through engagement
  • Inform about time-sensitive deals and price drops
  • Encourage reviews
  • Offer marketing automation 
  • Easier to adapt to the holidays of the ecommerce marketing calendar


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