9 Christmas Campaigns & Tips for Web Push Notifications to boost your outcomes

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Web push notifications examples for creating Christmas Campaigns

Christmas Campaigns: The time of the year everyone who sells online has been waiting for is finally here.

Christmas offers a great opportunity to amaze your audience during the holiday season and start the New Year with success. While there are numerous ways you can amaze your clients, for example with holiday sales like Black Friday, nothing beats an impressive Christmas campaign and Christmas push notifications.

We will first give you some numbers to show why you shouldn’t take Christmas shopping lightly as a retailer.

As a committed provider of e-commerce and digital marketing solutions, Frizbit has compiled Christmas Campaigns & Tips for Christmas push notifications. And If you want to be a real winner this Christmas season, you should read them and have your campaigns and holiday promotion ideas ready to go in advance, instead of preparing at the last minute.

Moreover, you should be able to catch the eye of your clients via multiple channels, not only on social media or mail marketing. This will happen in the form of creative campaigns that will increase engagement.  One strategy is through the use of Web Push Notifications, which can be seamlessly integrated to unite and diversify your marketing approach.

Why choose Web Push Notifications for Christmas Campaigns?

Firstly, it is very easy to install web push notifications on your website, and you can directly start collecting opt-ins after a 10-minute setup. Web Push Notifications also have x3 higher opt-in rate than emails according to Sumo, which means that you can build a new subscriber base more quickly than email and start re-engaging with your users, which will increase customer engagement and simultaneously your conversion rate.

Secondly, Web Push Notifications absolutely don’t require any personal data from the end user, unlike email or SMS. With that, web push notifications are GDPR-compliant by nature. Moreover, if they have hyper-personalisation you can make them more personalised for your customers, like showing their name, etc. Allowing you to send relevant information in different types of notifications. 

Also, you can reach both mobile & desktop users without having an app. It is one of the most engaging channels, in fact according to Moengage 40% of users interact with these notifications within one hour of receiving them, and they have an open rate of around 20% according to Mailchimp. Moreover, according to the latter source, web push CTR is 8.5% vs 2.4% on the email channel and by adding a CTA, you will be able to improve the outcome of your campaign by over 40%.

To give you an idea of what you can do with this channel for the Christmas season, we’ve put together some tips for Christmas branding in push notifications and 7 Christmas Web Push Notifications campaigns to help you get a higher CTR and ROI than ever before.

Tips for Christmas Branding in Push Notifications

  • Logo

    You can update your logo during the Christmas period, to give it a festive look that your clients can’t miss. This would definitely increase CTR’s in both manual and automated push notification campaigns. You can use a Santa Claus, hat, sleigh, snow, reindeer or Christmas decorations, tree, candy, etc.

  • Action Button

    The call-to-action button can be adjusted in combination with the logo. Showing the right message with another item related to Christmas, as listed above.

  • Image

    You can create custom images to grab your customer’s attention and get them to visit your campaign pages. It is also recommended to use Christmas branding matching with the rest of the elements in the notification.

  • Colours

    To let the message and content pop-out, it is recommended to use contrasting colours. By using red or green colours over a light background, or white colour over a red or dark background.

9 Not-to-miss Examples of Christmas Campaigns with Web Push Notifications

1. Free Overnight Shipping

Kicking off the list, we chose the free overnight shipping method but with a holiday makeover.  We give a certain urge to buy in the message by saying they have to buy before  any time you choose, for example 9PM, to get the free overnight shipping. 

Example of an overnight shipping Christmas campaign

2. Christmas Discount

Christmas is for family, that is a given. Therefore, it is a great time to approach your visitors by wishing them a happy holiday season and offering them an incentive to start buying things at a discount on your website, so they can buy presents for their loved ones with a big smile on their face.  

Holiday sales Christmas campaign

3. Christmas Coupon

Everyone loves coupons, right? Those coupons work especially well in the holiday season, when visitors need to buy a lot for friends and family. For this notification, we did a personalised version with image and call-to-action button where visitors can sign up and get a coupon with a discount on it.

Christmas coupon code Christmas campaign

4. Christmas Welcome Campaign with Sequence

With this campaign, you can let your customers know you think about them in an automated way. The first notification will be sent when a visitor signs up to the platform, and they can get more information through clicking on the action button with ‘Click here to get started’. Three days after the initial push notification, the user gets the second push notification with some tips.

Christmas Welcome Sequence Web Push
Christmas Welcome Sequence Web Push Part 2

5. Countdown till Christmas

Let customers know there is not much time left for Christmas shopping and give them the urge to shop through adding a timer or countdown to Christmas clock to your notifications. This notification works exceptionally well for those who leave shopping at the last minute.

Christmas campaign for countdown until Christmas

6. Welcome Gift Campaign

Who doesn’t love free gifts? Everyone, right?. Give your customers a small gift when they sign up to let them know you are grateful that they signed up. This thoughtful gesture also adds a personal touch, fostering a positive and welcoming connection between your brand and your customers.

 Welcome Gift Campaign

7. Christmas Gift Campaign

Why just leave it at, giving your customers a small gift when they sign up? Why not give them a gift as well just for Christmas to let them keep coming back to your site. By surprising and delighting your customers during the holiday season, you not only express appreciation but also foster a sense of loyalty.

Christmas campaign gift example

8. Product Recommendations

Simplify the shopping experience for your customers by providing personalised recommendations tailored to their user behaviour. In this way, buying presents has never been so easy, which will incentivise customers to buy and will make them feel they are saving time 

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9. Update on items left

Create a sense of urgency and encourage immediate action by keeping customers informed about the remaining stock of items they’re interested in through timely product updates. By notifying them about limited availability, you instil a fear of missing out, prompting quicker purchasing decisions.

Stock alert

And that’s it from us!

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