New Digital Marketing Trends in 2024 for marketers and eCommerce Managers

Digital Marketing trends in eCommerce 2024
Digital Marketing Trends in 2024

As part of the digital marketing trends, during 2024 marketers will be on an overload of changes with AI, learning to use these technologies in apps will be the new challenge in order to enhance content. 

Nevertheless, in order to differentiate their brand, marketers will have to focus more on working together with AI, rather than relying on the technology in its entirety.

How so?

All the saved time obtained from the content creation of AI, use it to enhance even more the content and give it a unique touch. This will help companies  to also show experience and expertise, something that will for sure set you apart on the upcoming updates.

If you’re aiming to stay ahead in the upcoming year with a powerful digital marketing plan, then continue reading for valuable insights.

Top Digital Marketing trends in 2024:

1. SGE: Generative AI in Search Google

SGE: Generative AI in Search Google
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One of the most relevant digital marketing trends is that Google will implement a Search Generative Engine with AI, which will allow users to browse through web-pages in a personalised and effective way thanks to AI powered tools. Currently, this update in order experiment, but we expect it to launch in 2024. 

What does it entail?

Firstly, Snapshot, as the company calls it. It’s an AI generated response based on information all across the web. What makes the feature more interesting is that it has a conversational mode that allows you to add follow-up questions, and it prompts other questions you might be interested in.

Hereby a sneak peek from Google and how this “Snapshot” will probably look like:

Vertical Video Content continues
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Some concerns 

One of the biggest concerns in the SEO landscape is the impact this update will have on CTR, in fact, many expect a decrease. Moreover, as many content creators are using AI, data needs to be checked in order for it to be reliable

Our tips to prepare for this update 

  • Create content that is relevant, trendy and differentiates itself. Better than what AI alone can generate. Also, content that can be shared in multiple platforms 
  • Demonstrate experience and expertise in your content, this is an important factor on the latest Google roll-outs, and it is the time to embrace it
  • When creating content make sure you cover every point in depth, that will show expertise and will cover more ground of reach 
  • Optimise as much as possible the user experience on your web-page 

2. Vertical Video Content continues

Integration of VR And Augmented Reality
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The way users consume content has undergone an intense transformation over the last year. And there has been a notable shift with the growth of vertical video content, a trend that started last year and was mentioned on our blog , but we predict this will continue to reach new heights in 2024.

The surge in popularity of platforms like TikTok and Instagram Stories has significantly influenced the way content creators engage with their audiences. Short-form videos in a vertical format have become the cornerstone of these platforms, offering an immersive experience that keeps users captivated.

Moreover, we not only see a growth of influencers using these, but brands have started to make unique content as well, capturing attention swiftly. So, if you want to have a better connection with your audience you should recalibrate your marketing strategies to optimise this trend as much as you can 

From advertising campaigns to educational content and entertainment, the versatility of vertical videos is reshaping how information is conveyed and consumed. So use these opportunities to your advantage by choosing a topic and putting some creativity into it.

Some of our tips for this digital marketing trend:

  • With the help of AI you can optimise your content and create unique videos from scratch  
  • Use the data of the apps to keep improving and making changes 
  • Be authentic, with so much competition you need to step up

3.  Integration of VR And Augmented Reality 

Implementation of VR and Augmented Reality
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Another worth-mentioning of the digital marketing trends: The VR and Augmented Reality  are not new technologies per-se, many know it from gaming mostly, however, with the ongoing AI revolution, we foresee a significant trend in 2024 as a digital marketing trend: the redefinition of businesses’ sales strategies, product presentations and even the very nature of corporate operations through the integration of Virtual Reality.

This anticipated evolution is not just about enhancing consumer experiences. It symbolizes a groundbreaking transformation in how businesses function, communicate and operate across multifaceted channels. 

How will it look like?

Envision a scenario where remote work seamlessly integrates with a lifelike VR environment, enabling teams scattered worldwide to collaborate authentically and efficiently, or it can be used as a training tool. This innovation can blur the boundaries between physical and remote workspaces, fostering real-time interactions and bolstering productivity in ways never seen before.

Imagine personalized avatars allowing customers to virtually try on diverse outfits in virtual fitting rooms. Or even trying a car virtually and being able to see how it looks and how it works. 

This type of personalized, immersive shopping experience that can be achieved will not only amplify convenience, but also it will reshape how consumers interact with brands, fostering deeper connections and driving higher satisfaction levels.

All in all

The options and examples are limitless

However, as changes and innovations are happening very quickly, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to see how you could apply a technology like this one in your own sales and/or business strategy

4. The rise of: In platform AI

The rise of: In platform AI
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During 2024, we predict there is going to be a boost of different platforms experimenting with AI. Which means marketers might have all the support they need in the apps they use to create content. 

Rather than going to external AI websites like ChatGPT, so after all, it looks like the platform might have some competitors to face on its own.

Over the end of 2023, we have seen an increase of apps and platforms acquiring AI technologies from which marketers have been benefiting from:

One great example of a company acquiring this technology is Canva, from which we explain its update of “Magic Studio” extensively in our newsletter of October. Another great example is TikTok and its “creative assistant” tool from which we talked about in our newsletter of September, or for example its new meme generator. 

What does this mean?

As you can see from the examples, two extremely different companies have acquired AI and have turned content creation into a new frontier of innovation and efficiency, transforming content strategies like never before. 

Nevertheless, this won’t be all. As more apps will start to implement this technology on their own platforms, competition will be at its highest point. Therefore, take the free time not spent on content creation thanks to AI and use it to create new innovative ideas that will set you apart. 

5. The year of TikTok & LinkedIn

2024: The year of TikTok & LinkedIn
Source: TikTok and LinkedIn Logos

Related to the digital marketing trends, in 2024, TikTok and LinkedIn are anticipated to emerge as the dominant platforms. 

On one hand: TikTok

It has already established itself as the video-sharing sensation. However, its influence is set to surge even further in 2024 with its creative AI tool, where marketers and brands can create unique videos. We can expect more updates where AI will pop-up and create a unique user experience.

TikTok has shared on its 2024 trend report that “In 2024, the TikTok community will ignite a transformative mindset: we call it Creative Bravery. Fuelled by a blend of curiosity, imagination, vulnerability and courage, brands demonstrating Creative Bravery on TikTok will build deeper community connections.” 

On the other hand: LinkedIn 

In contrast, LinkedIn, known traditionally as a professional networking site, is undergoing a profound metamorphosis. The platform is no longer solely confined to job searches and networking; it’s evolving into a vibrant community for professionals and businesses alike, where even knowledge is shared. 

In 2024 LinkedIn will transcend its established identity, integrating features that will foster content creation, knowledge sharing and community engagement. The platform’s emphasis on leadership, industry insights and valuable content distribution is anticipated to redefine how professionals interact, collaborate and build their brands.

As it diversifies its offerings, LinkedIn is set to become a multifaceted platform catering not just to jobseekers but also to entrepreneurs, content creators and businesses seeking to expand their reach and influence.

What do these mean for you?

As a marketer, it will be crucial to have an updated LinkedIn profile for you, but also to use it as a marketing strategy for your company. One interesting feature to acquire is participating on the collaborative articles, as you will be able to share your knowledge and obtain the Community top Voice badge”. 

Moreover, depending on your target audience it will be crucial to be on TikTok, therefore, making use of their “creative assistant” might be just what you need to create engaging content. 

6. Educational Podcasts 

Educational Podcasts
Source: TikTok and LinkedIn Logos

In the landscape of digital content, podcasts have emerged as a dynamic and influential medium, attracting a diverse audience. Surprisingly, during 2023 at least 61% of regular podcast listeners are professionals holding a degree, so we can only expect this number to raise, specially with the expectation of more engaging content thanks to AI.

What makes this channel so attractive?

Professionals often leverage podcasts as a supplementary learning tool to stay updated on the latest advancements in their respective fields. But not just that, the convenience of listening during commutes, workouts, or downtime makes podcasts an ideal medium for absorbing knowledge and staying on top of industry-specific developments.

What else to expect?

First and foremost there will be interactive content as content creators will be able to craft content efficiently, but most importantly, users will be able to obtain personalised recommendations based on user behaviour, which increases engagement. 

Secondly, marketers will be able to place their ads on the right podcasts, based on theme. Therefore, increasing their results exponentially as they will be reaching the right audience effortlessly. 

What does this mean for marketers? 

Many things, for one it might be interesting to consider teaching some insights about your industry, becoming an educational channel might give you the awareness you need and set you as an industry expert. Just like the use of collaborative articles on LinkedIn 

On the other hand, now is the perfect time to create ads that stand out. Crafting unique and distinct advertisements is crucial, as they’ll have a greater impact than ever before. Therefore, focusing on creating ads that resonate deeply with your target audience’s interests, preferences, and values will significantly elevate their effectiveness. 

7. Retention rate: the new engagement rate 

Retention rate: the new engagement rate
Source: TikTok and LinkedIn Logos

For many years, marketers have been focused on their engagement rates as this has provided valuable key metrics and insights on what users engage on regarding content. 

Nevertheless, retention rate is making its way to the new year, and we predict it will be a trend in the social media industry. Some ways to check this is by seeing how many times a video has been replayed or for how long a person has stayed to watch your content. 

What are these digital marketing trends telling us?

Retention rate is not just a number that tells how well your brand is doing. In fact, it will help you to create a customer base and have a steady revenue stream. Moreover, if your current customer wants to stay, then they will promote your brand, which means effortless advertisement for your brand. 

Additionally, customers that stay with your brand for a long time will spend more money than new customers. Not to mention that bringing new customers requires more attention and effort than keeping the interest of customers that already had their attention on you.

Our Tips for better retention rates

  1. Create unique content that can allow you to connect with your audience and make them want to keep looking.
  2. Build relationships, in this way you will be able to create customer loyalty.

With the help of your engagement rate, find out what your audience likes and dislikes and use it for your advantage to retain customers.

8. Chatbots with conversational intelligence and payment method

Chatbots with conversational intelligence and payment method
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The lastes of the digital marketing trends, emcompasses Chatbots empowered with conversational intelligence have emerged as a pivotal player in reshaping user experiences, and their notability is only set further in the coming year of 2024. Empowered by AI, these Chatbots have revolutionized the way companies engage with their customers, users seek for information and even content creation. 

However, due to their hyper-personalised approach with each user, they now have the capability of making the order and  payment process more smooth than ever before.

How does it look like?

Chatbot Payment Example
Source: Examples from Domino’s

Is that all?

Not even close, as AI revolutionises itself day by day we can expect Chatbots to extend beyond customer service and research or content creation. They are increasingly being utilized across various business functions, including sales, marketing, and even internal operations. Their versatility in streamlining processes, automating routine tasks and delivering personalized recommendations.

All in all 

Through this blog post, we aim to equip you with insights to stay updated of diverse trends discussed with the latest digital marketing trends for 2024, from most relevant social media to be on, to new technologies and tips to stay relevant. 

These trends can be leveraged to enhance customer retention, increase brand visibility and CTR. Therefore, try to enhance them and use them to your advantage. 

Laura Valero


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